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Exile Tibetan Minister Misrepresenting Struggle Of Tibet’s People

Image: file photo/graphic via @tibettruth

When exiled Tibetan Ministers, who let’s be realistic are highly unlikely to exchange their comfortable lives in the USA , Europe or India for an uncertain existence under the dubious  laws of communist China’s regime in an ‘autonomous’ Tibet, start misrepresenting the truth of the common political aspiration of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet then you know the Tibetan movement in exile has lost its way!


Here’s the latest example, courtesy of Ms Dikyi Chhoyang as reported by Times Of India, perhaps we shall be later informed that the quote featured was misreported by the journalist, or confused in translation. A response favored previously by prominent representatives of the Exiled Tibetan Administration when finding themselves in hot water.

What’s particularly offensive, apart from a gross distortion of the facts is that Ms Chhoyang issues such a comment in full knowledge that inside Tibet her countrymen and women are facing torture, jail, forced labor and bullets to demand Tibetan independence.Clearly she and her colleagues within the Central Tibetan Administration will not allow that reality to obstruct an agenda of betrayal and appeasement though!

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