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Open Communication To The Organizers Of March 10 New York Rally For Tibet

In light of the censorship that was forced upon Tibetans at the March 10 rally for Tibet we have composed an open letter to the organizers of that event,  asking them to address the hugely important issues their actions and decision to exclude and marginalize any inclusion of Tibetan independence at the protest has presented. In deciding upon such a censorial course of action they have set in motion a wave of outrage and disappointment while alienating many Tibetans who wish to express solidarity with the cause being waged by their brothers and sisters inside occupied Tibet.   This violation of freedom-of-speech is not acceptable, is hugely damaging to the wider Tibetan struggle and demands to be forcefully exposed and challenged, our communication is composed in that spirit and has been made open and widely circulated  to better inform subscribers and Tibetans globally.

Click To Read Letter To: Regional Tibetan Youth Congress New York & New Jersey, Regional Tibetan Women’s Association New York, Tibetan Community Of New York & New Jersey, Chushi Gangdruk New York

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