A ‘Middle Way’ Is Not Possible With China’s Tyrannical Regime!

Graphic via @tibettruth

How many times must China forcefully reject any prospect of negotiations regarding the proposal of improved or genuine autonomy for Tibet before the advocates of that policy awake from their self-induced delusion that compromise and reason is possible from the Chinese regime?

Its State Council Information Office has today emphatically dismissed the likely-hood of discussions on Tibet in a lengthy rebuttal that stipulated any possible talks would focus upon the Dalai Lama and engage only with his private representatives, it contemptuously described the Central Tibetan Administration as “essentially a separatist political group”.

“Any negotiations will be limited to seeking solutions for the Dalai Lama to completely abandon separatist claims and activities and gain the forgiveness of the central government and the Chinese people”

So what now for Doctor Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues in the Central Tibetan Administration as they evaluate yet another disdainful repudiation from the Chinese government?

The writing has of course been on the wall for a number of years, the message from China’s psychopathic leaders has been consistent, this latest statement is a reaffirmation of that hardline policy.

“As the political status and system of Tibet is stipulated by the Chinese Constitution and laws, the ‘Tibet issue’ and ‘a high degree of autonomy’ are not up for discussion”.

The stark choice for Tibetans in exile is to either completely surrender to Chinese demands or resist and restore Tibet’s national liberation as the central and unified objective of the Tibetan cause.

Tragically however we anticipate that the desperate efforts to reach an accord with the Chinese authorities will continue to determine the response of the Central Tibetan Administration.


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