Tibetan Self-Immolates In Tawu, Kham Region Of Tibet

Tenzin Gyatso Self-Immolated Against China's Brutal Occupation Of Tibet
Tenzin Gyatso Self-Immolated Against China’s Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

Image: via Tibet Times

Breaking reports of another self-immolation this time in Tawu, Kham region of Eastern Tibet. According to the Tibet Times about 8.00 pm local Tibetan time today Mr Tenzin Gyatso said to be aged 35, and a father of four children, engulfed himself in flame to demonstrate against China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet. The oppression is ceaseless and Tenzin’s town of Tawu has recently been placed under a military lock-down with Tibetans under a suffocating degree of control. At the time of writing his condition remains unclear.

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6 thoughts on “Tibetan Self-Immolates In Tawu, Kham Region Of Tibet”

      1. What has peace and non-violence given the Tibetans? My country also had non violence peace keepers like Mahatma Gandhi but do you know what was responsible for giving India freedom? It was the force of INA even acknowledged by Lord Clement Attlee.Read the Link below.


        Tyrants who dont respond to peace need to be kicked out through the force only….!!!If force is not used then Tibet will definitely become the peaceful erstwhile nation of the past ! 😦

      2. Thank you for taking time to remind our Blog of the lessons of history. Whatever the merits of the point your raise we should remember that a people suffering oppression and the tyranny of a foreign power have the right to determine the nature and course of their struggle. Such movements are extremely dynamic and responsive to the changing tides of politics and social or economic forces, who knows if Tibetans will again take up armed resistance, perhaps..but one thing for sure, they deserve solidarity and understanding rather than the cold comfort of ‘realism’, however well intentioned.

  1. All the best for your struggle. I hope at most by 2019 God will definitely send a Messiah and he would not betray Tibet like half left Operation Shadow Circus and all.A day will definitely come when the Dalai Lama returns to land of his birth and would be reborn as the 15th Dalai Lama which he denies as of today.Once again all the best and thanks for your response. 🙂

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