Global Canine Organization Agrees To Kill Tibetan Dog Names

Tibetan Mastiff Re-Branded As a Chinese Dog By The FCI
Tibetan Mastiff Re-Branded As A Chinese
Dog By The FCI


So it’s not enough that National Geographic, in collusion with the United Nations is actively wiping Tibet off the world map, or that international governments refuse to acknowledge the historical facts of Tibet as an independent nation or support the just cause of Tibetan national freedom. Now we have the international canine organization kissing  the ass of China’s regime by deciding to rename what in truth are Tibetan dog breeds as Chinese. So no more Tibetan Mastiff, Lhasa Apso or Tibetan Terrier  like the people of Tibet they will be be filed under and described as Chinese.

Lhasa Apso Re-Branded As a Chinese Dog By The FCI
Lhasa Apso Re-Branded As A Chinese
Dog By The FCI


This latest demonstration of appeasement reflects the extent of international groveling towards China, all no doubt with an eye on trade, cooperation, academic trips, career enhancements and in the case of censoring the reality of Tibetan dogs possible  trips to dog shows in China, made even more comfortable with the pleasures of plate and bottle!

Tibetan Terrier Re-Branded As a Chinese Dog By The FCI
Tibetan Terrier Re-Branded As A Chinese
Dog By The FCI


It totally sukz and reveals a worrying absence of moral fibre and integrity, in addition in renaming these breeds the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is rewriting history and distorting a basic truth, a political terrorism well known to China’s regime of course. In agreeing to these name changes the FCI is essentially endorsing territorial and cultural  identities are defined and categorized through military invasion and subsequent occupation. For example the FCI Committee, in its decision, is agreeing with the bogus claim that Tibet is an inalienable part of China, yet the entire Tibetan territory has only been incorporated ‘into’ China and subjected to Chinese political and military rule since 1950 when China invaded Tibet.

The Bordeaux Mastiff Which According To FCI Attitudes Should Be Renamed As 'King Henry II Mastiff'
The Bordeaux Mastiff Which According To FCI Attitudes Should Be Renamed As ‘King Henry II Mastiff’


So the FCI accepts that territorial and cultural legitimacy and sovereignty is defined by military invasion, occupation and colonization, this imperialistic perspective no doubt enabled it to rename the ancient breeds of Tibetan dogs without a second thought. That being so perhaps they should direct their attention to renaming the ‘French Mastiff’, a dog anciently associated with Bordeaux, France as ‘The King Henry The Second Mastiff’? Why so? Well after all anciently the Region of Bordeaux was invaded and occupied by the English, and ruled by Henry The Second and his successors from the mid-12th till mid-15th Centuries. So England could justly claim on historical grounds (as the Chinese regime tries to do in regard to its claims over Tibet which the FCI presumably accepted without question) that this breed should be reclassified and its French name removed!

Online Activism

As a means to highlight our opposition we are going to press this matter with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, meanwhile our readers and subscribers are invited to join us in protesting this appalling decision to appease China by renaming Tibetan dog breeds. The FCI may be emailed here:

There’s also an online petition on this issue here:édération-cynologique-internationale-we-belong-to-tibet-not-china?

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13 thoughts on “Global Canine Organization Agrees To Kill Tibetan Dog Names”

  1. The Chinese Government Do Not Own People or Dogs – Tibetan Terrier Forever – Would Never Rename my Tibetan Terrier to PLEASE THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT

  2. Will never use the name Chinese Mastiff….This is not the 1300’s, where you can erase countries. We are an enlightened society. Get a grip China.

  3. As a lover of dogs and student of history, I am completely appalled at this piece of news.

    The fact that China, which has a shocking record of animal abuse, is suddenly up in arms over the territorial classification of dogs simply beggars belief. A clearly political move, if there ever was one, and shame on the FCI for playing right into Chinese hands.

    I stand with the proud owners of Tibetan breeds all over the free world on this, and have signed the petition to the FCI accordingly.

    With warmest wishes from Singapore

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