China Is Not Fit To Host The 2019 World Dog Show

Tibet Dogs Being KIlled

Image: archivenet

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in choosing China to host the 2019 World Dog Show (WDS) is using the failed and cynical argument of ‘constructive engagement’ with China, claiming locating the WDS there will result in moderation, progress and awareness. Similar ‘justifications’ were employed by the US State Department and Presidential Administrations in support of granting China ‘Most Favored Nation Status’. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in selecting Beijing as host for the 2008 Olympics, responded to international concerns by claiming that awarding China the Games would encourage improvements in human rights, while uncritically accepting the hollow assurances of the Chinese Regime to respect such rights and principles. A circus of duplicity and hypocrisy replayed as the IOC awarded China to be the venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics!

Decades of so-called constructive engagement with China, oiled by the allure of a powerful Chinese economy, has dominated US policy on China, to the exclusion of any meaningful action in terms of human rights, and issues such as Tibet . The resultant compromises has produced a largely ineffectual and vacillating strategy, that at one time issues platitudes on human rights and freedom, while simultaneously appeasing the Chinese regime to maintain and secure economic interests. Meanwhile such contact and cooperation has spectacularly failed to end or meaningfully reduce the torture, close forced labor camps, or halt the campaigns of mass forced sterilizations. Nor has collaborating with China’s authorities moderated the vicious tyranny against the peoples of Tibet, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia, who are victims of a cultural genocide. In light of such realities the assertions of the FCI justifying China as host for the WDS reveal a disturbing naivety and gullibility.

Of all nations China is the least suitable country to serve as host the World Dog Show, its totalitarian Regime is guilty of a horrendous range of human rights atrocities, censorship and propaganda dominate Chinese society. Free speech is brutally suppressed and the people of China are denied political, civil and religious freedoms. Given this record how can anyone of integrity and normal intelligence begin to accept any claims issued by the Chinese authorities regarding the ‘Yulin Dog Meat Festival’ and the general abuse which dogs across China suffer.


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108 thoughts on “China Is Not Fit To Host The 2019 World Dog Show”

  1. The sick bastards, they should be beaten to death instead. Poor dog no animal deserves that.Animals should be loved and respected . If I was there I would of saved the dog , and beaten the guys up.CHINA IS NOT NOT NOT FIT TO HOST 2019 WOLD DOG SHOW. They would only see it as dinner barbaric . To hold the show it be false. I think we shouldnt even trade with the chinese.May all the dogs and cats r.i.p .

    1. I agree fully with you….. Animals are meant to be love not eaten…… so is that’s sick…… !!!!

    2. Totally agree Sam its beyond belief that some idiot thought it was a good idea to host the world Dog show in barbaric Dog torturing China, I boycott all products from this evil country and will continue to do so until the horrific suffering in the vile Dog and Cat meat trade stops

    1. Hi John, what China needs is freedom, human rights and justice. That is not served by appeasing the Chinese Regime in agreeing
      to host the 2019 World Dog Show there. Hope you see the point on this.

    2. Well…they certainly need help! They are not right in the freakin head if they can do this mob-handed to a poor animal. What they all need is a nasty visit form Karma, show them the error of their ways and eradicate them from a planet that doesn’t need such idiocy…

  2. Who thought it would be a good idea to allow China host an International Dog show, when its the second most common deliciously on their Buffet table. Disgusting.

    1. It surely is, as to those behind this, look no further than the Fédération Cynologique Internationale which agreed and approved China to host the 2019 World Dog Show.

  3. im so sick and tried of seeing people being mean to animals like this. someone needs to change the laws and make them more stricter.

    1. Maria, thank you for your comments on this issue, it’s a disgrace that the Fédération Cynologique Internationale has agreed and approved China to host the 2019 World Dog Show,

      1. It should not be allowed to go ahead. Its a disgrace , poor dogs.

  4. No way shud anyone take their loving dogs to china they wud not b safe they r inflicting sadistic cruelty to our loving dogs i wud not be goin anywhere near these sadistic scum our dogs r screaming in pain just fo them t b on their dinnerplates its terrible n disgusting wot they do to our dogs they r psychopaths n murderers !!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💔🙏plse keep our dogs away frm them

    1. Dawn, thank you for your comments on this issue, it’s a disgrace that the Fédération Cynologique Internationale has agreed and approved China to host the 2019 World Dog Show,

  5. This country has no animal rights laws how dare they even think they can hold any kind of dog shows until they bring laws in to protect animals this is a disgrace from England people

  6. China has to be taught that the rest of the world wont tolerate their bad behaviours. That said, they probably dont give a shit.. They they they will outlast us all as their culture has been around 2000 years. Dont thell them it may not last that much longer LOL. Its already falling apart.

  7. The horrendous treat of dogs demonstrate lack of moral authority towards a intelligent animal.
    Dogs have aided man for so long .sight dogs service dogs therapy dogs police dogs military dogs.the list is endless. The Chinese government and people are to intelligent not to place dogs on the protected list in their society.

  8. I cancan not beleive it would even be a consideration or thought to bring any domesticated animals over there especially DOGS!!!!!!! YULIN MEAT Festival…. thats all i have say

  9. china e uma vergonha,assassinas animais com requeinte de crueldade,nunca que pisar neste pais.

  10. This is disgusting these people are inhuman poor dogs they need animal cruelty laws right now no- one should be allowed to do this to a defenceless animal. If they were in the UK they would get a prison sentence, RIP doggies.

  11. No never, China does not deserve to host dog show. They are not fit for it and will never be.

    I HATE them all, they don’t have feelings. Bastards

  12. God made each one of us in his imagination and I shouldn’t say this but I at times hate my own human race for being so cruel.

  13. The way forward is by economic sanctions, so, don’t buy goods from China , don’t do business with China, petition companies who do business with China, don’t go on holiday to China. Appealing to China’s government humanity is a waste of time if they had some they would be tackling this already.
    Let’s support those good people who are trying to help animals in China – metta to you guys
    May all beings be happy and free from suffering

  14. who the F***K decided that Dog show has to be held in Dog Eating China…….they need URGENT Psychiatric help ………. Ba***rd Chines killing & eating everything that moves…. they shuld be killed in the same way

  15. Poor, poor beautiful working dogs, such a loss. No China is not fit to hold the 2019 world dog show

  16. Those bastards have no right to kill the innocent dogs. Who approved to host World Dog Show in that country where Yulin is a favourite festival? I am totally against of this. Please keep these innocent creatures from those mentally sick people

  17. No to world dog show in China 2019. Its horrific how they are torturing the dog’s and cat’s there. Most of them are stolen pet’s. Shame on you China that is allowing this horrow!!😠😠😠 NO NO NO CHINA DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE ANY DOG SHOW IN THAT DOG/CAT EATHING COUNTRY!!!

  18. China being the worst of all, the most evil nation in treating animals are chosen to host one?!

  19. A country that devalues life should not be allowed to front and host a show for the very lives they torture and eat.

  20. China is a land of earth worshipping heathens they cannot host anything to do with animals it’s a disgrace to even contentplate the idea. Which imbecile vetoed this

  21. They are bastard. That’s all. And they deserve severe punishment.
    All this has to end, once for all.

  22. Their total lack of compassion for any animals , and the fact that their government would not even accept a petition with millions of signatures against the Yulin dog festival . Shows us that they have no intention of changing their cruel and barbaric ways .
    They are not fit to host a dog show , in fact it would be disgraceful if it were allowed .

  23. Disgusting behaviour towards a defenceless Animal.
    China you have shown the world that you have some compassion towards the panda so why do you treat other Animals differently.?until you treat all Animals with dignity and respect and bring laws in to protect them this country is not fit to hold such an event.

  24. How can they host a world dog show they kill dog and eat them…I hate Chinese

  25. The world MUST boycott the World Dog Show organization. If the world won’t hold it’s own boycott, this will just continue and will end up more dogs murdered for this senseless action in China. The World Dog Show Organization is an organization that puts profits first over the concerns of man’s best friend. BOYCOTT THIS FUCKING DOG SHOW. We don’t need to compromise every dog just to prove to the world that China can change its treatments of dogs. They MUST change and commit to it, before this event can be held to that fuckin nation of retards.

  26. This dog show in this cruel country cannot go ahead. What a sick joke !!! they boil dogs alive and eat them. Some of the videos I’ve seen are horrendous. sick disgusting race. PLEASE STOP THIS

    1. Indeed it is, and yet the President of the Global Canine Institute is excusing and defending the choice of China to host
      the 2019 World Dog Show!

  27. Disgusting behaviour towards a defenceless Animal… They are not fit to Host dog show , when they EAT THEM ….

    1. Indeed it is, and yet the President of the Global Canine Institute is excusing and defending the choice of China to host
      the 2019 World Dog Show!

  28. That’s just sick they don’t deserve to have a dog show they may take your dog and eat it this is so wrong don’t bring your dog there these people are sick and don’t care about dogs they just want to eat them

  29. Simply disgusting how they treat their dogs… Worst nation to host a dog show. What a horrible joke! Shameful!

  30. And if I’d have taken a spade to the mother fucker who did this…what would have happened? I so hope all of the perpetrators suffer intolerably once Karma pays them a visit…and as for the shit hole hosting a dog show – no way in the WORLD should they. Put a stop to it NOW…you know it makes sense!!!

  31. The world looks on in disgust your country is not fit to host a world dog show evil country that has no respect for life

  32. It’s bullshit because animals don’t have no protection and these nasty countries I was United States would bomb the shit out of them MoveOn economy and the people are sick minded approved for the animals that exist over there

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