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March 10 Statement On Tibet

March 10 commemorates the 1959 Lhasa Uprising against Chinese rule, when Tibetans defied the might of the occupying Chinese army and in so doing aided the eventual flight into exile of the Dalai Lama.

Those few days witnessed great loss and heroism, followed by a vicious repression from China’s communist regime. The courage and determination of Tibet’s people continues, despite the decades of tyranny, assimilation and colonization, Tibetans are as ever resolutely asserting their national identity and demanding their independence.

It is such endurance, aspiration and resolve that genuinely defines this commemoration, a day where exiled Tibetans take to the streets to raise their national flag and stand in solidarity with their compatriots of occupied Tibet.

So on this day as folks gather to honor the bravery and reflect upon the loss of Tibetans who gave their lives for a free and independent Tibet take a moment to look beyond the harrowing images of Tibetans who in protest set themselves ablaze.

Consider this, that we best recognize and respect the sacrifices of Tibetans by actively supporting the very objectives and political aspirations which compel their valiant and selfless resistance to China’s violent and illegal occupation of Tibet.

4 thoughts on “March 10 Statement On Tibet

  1. It’s alarming that Mainland China, the world’s BIGGEST state by population, also happens to be the most BRUTAL and EVIL nuclear-armed superpower in history, and also happens to manufacture almost EVERYTHING WE BUY !

      1. Hi, We have previously featured your references/comments that exposed the issue of Tib etan cultural objects being exploited for cash on Ebay, bu Chinese accounts. That Tibet’s cultural riches are being so abused and eroded for profit is of course a matter that deserves exposure and challenge. However your recent responses to very specific subjects we have posted about are repeating your rightful concerns on that topic and so we shall not be approving further contributions unless they are directly salient to the post’s subject.

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