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#BlackHat Operation Hacks Website Of Chinese Mining Company For Its Destruction of Sacred Tibetan Mountain

Image: graphic tweeted by @team_riddler

Breaking news on Facebook and Twitter that the website of the Chinese gold mining corporation which is causing considerable environmental damage to a sacred Tibetan mountain in east Tibet has been hacked by Anonymous. A statement of intent was published across the internet a couple days back from hacktivist groups #Op_Tibet and #teamriddler and now a collective called #BlackHat has broken into the site and defaced its home page. See above.

This action of solidarity will be warmly applauded by Tibetans who have been so bravely opposing this mining company and faced arrests, beatings and torture to protect the mountain. A huge thanks to the following for news on this event and the ongoing anonymous operation on this issue @AnonymousTibet @team_riddler @anonymzmeduza @robertoraimond2. Special appreciation is directed to all those Anonymous activists who are making this happen and supporting Tibet, especially #Blackhat #Op.

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