Xi Jinping Arrives In Switzerland As Authorities Impose Diluted Protest For Tibetans

Video: Educational Purposes-Copyright remains with SwissInfo.ch

Chinese tyrant, Xi Jinping is presently in in Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, trade, profit and global markets will of course dominate, while at a restricted zone in the city of Bern a Tibetan protest is to be allowed by the Swiss authorities. Unfortunately the Chinese President will not be exposed to the justified dissent and opposition of Tibetans, who are enduring the bitter Winter conditions to remind the world of Tibet’s plight. Why? Well, thanks to the priorities of the Swiss authorities the demonstration has been approved only with a number of conditions. These include it lasting only a few hours, ending prior before the arrival of Xi Jinping and being located in a location that will be far removed from the Chinese leader. So what we have is appeasement in order to protect China’s sensitivities on the subject of Tibet, while offering Tibetans a token and diluted protest.

2 thoughts on “Xi Jinping Arrives In Switzerland As Authorities Impose Diluted Protest For Tibetans

  1. A pipsqueak of protest against Chinese brutality has done very little to help the Tibetans. At some stage more drastic actions will be necessary. I have serious doubts as to whether the ABSOLUTE PACIFISM of the Buddhist faith is, in fact, helping or harming the Tibetan cause.

    1. George, your view is noted, some may agree, others not such is the ebb and flow of opinion. One thing is clear Tibetans in Switzerland were denied the freedom for a full and unrestricted demonstration. As to ‘pacifism’ we can only invite you to visit Tibetan history and you will see that a Twenty Year War Of Resistance was waged by Buddhist Tibetans against the might of communist China’s invading and occupying army. This came to an end when the non-Buddhist aggressors of the world (USA, UK and others) betrayed those brave Tibetans in favor of doing deals with Mao Zedong. The rest is a history of appeasement from governments towards the Chinese regime. Yet despite the situation, the tyranny and suffering Tibetans do not surrender their hope and determination for a return of their national freedom. That opportunity may well arise, given the political and economic forces that dominate within Chinese society, instability and revolution are never far away from China. Meanwhile we hope that while folk may hold an opinion that pacifism is not producing ‘results’ for the Tibetan cause they can at least respect the fact that the nature and direction of the Tibetan struggle belongs to the people of Tibet. It may well be that some as yet unforeseen events arise in which a radical departure may take place. There are voices already articulating for stronger actions, so your call for a greater urgency and f0rcefullness could well manifest. Hope that meantime you will continue to support the just cause of Tibetan independence.

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