Columbia University: A Willing Accomplice In China’s Lies On Tibet

April 9th 2013 The Confucius Institute at Columbia University Inauguration Ceremony. Xu Lin, Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director-General of Hanban, Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University

Image: hanbannews

We’re just gonna call this one right out. Certain departments within Columbia University  are riddled with supposedly objective academics, who in truth are actively promoting a bias which has its origins in the propaganda laboratories of China’s regime. Especially when it comes to the subject of Tibet. Yet despite the academic posturing and intellectual presentations it’s apparent that an agenda is being pressed, one which has the fingerprints of the Chinese Communist Party all over it.  Students attending classes on Tibetan history or culture are exposed to information that has a worrying resemblence to the official distortions found in the statements of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prominent ‘authorities’ on Tibet who have extracted a profitable academic career from the plight of Tibetans collaborate closely with the Chinese authorities.  Some go much further, becoming advocates of China’s presence in Tibet, others apply a distorting veneer over Tibetan history or overtly misrepresent the facts. Such deceptions, for that is what they are, lie barely concealed within the specialized lexicon of what is termed, ‘Tibetology’. Such ‘useful idiots’, as Stalin would have recognized them, are of value to the Chinese authorities, who consider that ‘academics’ (especially of non-Chinese origin) promoting  their falsehoods on Tibet carry a persuasive and authoratitive voice. Moreover such individuals are often called upon by a largely unthinking media to offer ‘informed’ perspectives and insights on the issue. Thus enabling the toxic propaganda to be published across mainstream media as ‘objective’ analysis, while in truth it’s the approved dogma of China’s tyrants.

Columbia University has become something of a welcoming base for such operations, and also an  active and willing partner with the controversial Confucius Institute. An organization which covertly is little more than a resource of the Chinese security services, trawling human intelligence information behind the mask of cultural events and courses. On October 6, 2017 a day-long conference was hosted at Columbia University entitled ‘Beyond Empire and Borders: The Third International Conference on the Qing Dynasty and Inner Asia” . The list of participants, many drawn from Chinese institutions, included Mr Tsering Shakya and Mr Robert Barnet who have on numerous occasions invited the concern and outrage of Tibetans for comments which can at best be described as peddling China’s untruths on Tibet. No coincidence either that the event, so we are advised, was sponsored by none other than the Confucius Institute!

2 thoughts on “Columbia University: A Willing Accomplice In China’s Lies On Tibet

  1. Was this not the Chinese invader’s method to prepare ‘class enemies’ for ‘tham-zing’? The issue of an anonymous, damning statement, a vile personal attack, naming names, based solely on vague and unsubstantiated accusations; a character assassination of their intended victims? No real evidence required?

    For that is what I see here: a whole string of vile allegations without one single instance of an actual contravention of any sort being mentioned or cited. Where is any actual evidence? The answer is: none has been provided. If Jamyang Norbu had written this I am confident he would have given plenty of examples and quotations to support every aspect of his case. So who wrote it? Stand up like a man and put your name to this polemic!

    Unsubstantiated, anonymous and scurrilous personal attacks on professional scholars of good repute with over three decades long record of impeccable research devoted to the service of Tibet serves only to discredit the writers – and the publishers – of such attacks.

    So, TibetTruth: the onus is on you. Please, kindly provide evidence, references and citations to substantiate every detail of these vile personal attacks, or publish a full retraction and apology. Or else, lose your credibility.

    This is not supposed to be an outlet available to Chinese-style character assassination.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to share your outrage, sounds like an emotional spot was reached huh? That’s cool, we welcome comments, even those that take a position against contributions which are published here. As to the post, we stand by its contents and the issue it raised concerning Columbia University and the gravy-train of Tibetologists who have a very cozy relationship with the Chinese authorities. If you take a while to go through our archive here you will come across posts that have previously reported the guys mentioned by the author, there is precedent and we were happy to shed light on that also. We respect your choice to stand by these people, but we don’t share your clear admiration of their record on Tibet. No matter what sources we provide, or quotes that expose the Chinese government bias and propaganda that flows through their writings on Tibet it is unlikely that anyone so closely supportive, or maybe knowing those guys, would be able to be sufficiently distanced to accept the writing on the wall.’Denial’ is usally the reaction when faced with such a choice, right? Anyways, we have the low-down, it’s been published previously, given quotations and sources (both on this Blog and elsewhere). Anyone wishing to get the breakdown on this simply needs to use the site’s search function. Peaceout 🙂

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