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China’s Cynical Agenda Endorses Oppression Of The Rohingya People

The plight of the Rohingya people is no concern to China’s regime.


Few days back the loyal robots of China’s regime were busy within the United Nations Human Rights Council attempting to secure a block on a UN Resolution that criticized the Myanmar authorities for its oppression of the Rohingya people.

Why? Well dictator Xi Jinping and his psychopathic colleagues, mindful of its terrorism against Tibetans, is desperate to suppress international action that condemns the treatment of a ‘minority’ within the borders of a state. Thankfully this cynical effort to sabotage the Resolution was outvoted. But it shows the ongoing efforts of China’s regime to avoid precedents being established with regard to what it claims as interference and intervention in the affairs of sovereign states.

Such a principle is a central pillar within the UN Charter. One that the Chinese authorities exploit to the fullest, dismissing concerns about the plight of Tibetans as politically motivated fabrications. While concealing its atrocties behind the rhetoric of national sovereignty (even though its claims on Tibet are an engineered fiction) the cultural genocide it wages against Tibet is an ‘internal affair!

No one should be surprised therefore that the Chinese government effectively defends and tolerates the darkest of atrocities inflicted by another state.