A Request To Fellow Activists


There are many just causes of freedom to support, actions demanding solidarity with those who face oppression and human rights violations. Each and all require opposition and exposure we respect Anonymous for being engaged in such activism.

Sure we’re biased, yet it’s fair to emphasize an important consideration that should be of considerable importance to all those who value a peaceful and non-violent response to injustice, oppression and abuse.

Of all the world’s conflicts and struggles for freedom there’s only one, which at its very core holds firm to the principles of non-violence. That is waged by the Tibetan people under the brutal tyranny of the Chinese regime. Despite the terrorism forced upon them by the illegal Chinese occupation of their country Tibetans in their hearts hold fast to the values of their Buddhist and native culture.

People who suffer under the violent suppression of a government or foreign occupier have the right to determine the nature and course of their resistance. Many understandably support such causes, indeed there seems to exist a strange calculus operating in which the bloodier the opposition, the greater level of global concern. What solidarity though for the courageous Tibetans who face the occupying Chinese regime with a non-violent response?

To fellow activists within and beyond Anonymous who express a personal commitment to the principles of peace and non-violence we invite you to show an equal degree of active solidarity to Tibet as offered to equally just causes such as Palestine.

One thought on “A Request To Fellow Activists

  1. George Tzamouranis

    The fact is, Mainland China cannot tolerate diversity. So, 95% of China’s ONE BILLION people imagine themselves as belonging to a “master-race” which they call “Han Chinese”. If you happen to belong to the “minority races” (Tibetans, Uighurs, and so on), you really have NO RIGHT TO EXIST !

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