A Star For Tibet Shines Hope Of Independence

A Star For Tibet Shines Hope Of Independence

Image: original shutterstock/amended @tibettruth

Four years ago today we were very happy to report that we’d named and registered a star within the constellation of Draco as ‘Bod Rangzen’ (independence for Tibet). Although NASA is reluctant to acknowledge this registration, due in large part to not wishing to upset its Chinese space partners, this name will be accepted by all those who value freedom, justice and human rights.

A Star For Tibet Shines Hope Of Independence

Image: file photo

So next time you have a chance look up into the night skies and locate Draco (although the star within that contellation is not visible to the naked eye) remember to think of it shining down the hope that freedom will return for the Tibetan people.

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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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