International Women’s Day Staying Mum On Plight Of Tibet’s Women

 International Women's Day Staying Mum On Plight Of Tibet's Women
Tibetans from Kham region of occupied Tibet


People around the world are celebrating International Women’s Day, issues of equality, violence, discrimination and reproductive rights are being raised. Yet missing from this global reaction is any solidarity with those who suffer under the vicious realities of Chinese rule. Including of course Tibetan women, who experience a range of human rights violations, (including forced sterilizations) and are denied their cultural freedom under Chinese occupation.

There’s no justice, tolerance of fairness for women across Tibet, they are marginalized, discriminated against by the colonization of their country. Untold numbers of Tibetan nomads rounded up at gunpoint, forced from the traditional lands onto buses and convoyed into what are effectively prisons.

 International Women's Day Staying Mum On Plight Of Tibet's Women


Is the international sisterhood expressing any concern on this? Well don’t hold your breath folks! Be sure of one fact though, we’ll be exposing and challenging the appointed champions of women’s rights, @UN_Women and @UN_CSW on their collective evasion and silence!

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