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Invitation To Our Friends & Subscribers

Invitation To Our Friends & Subscribers


With increasing efforts by governments to suppress and marginalize online dissent and free-speech, by controlling social-media platforms through planned legislation.

It looks pretty clear that only authorized narratives will be protected and promoted, and as shown by media coverage of Covid, mainstream media has degenerated into a state-funded propaganda channel for authorities. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook et al are already becoming censorial and intolerant of independent and critical voices.

In addition the extent and nature of monitoring and intrusion from, not just the Chinese regime, is increasing.

With this in mind the need for a secure, private channel of communication is vital, especially regarding online activism, sharing news and information. That’s why we’re inviting friends and supporters of @tibettruth to reach out to us to learn about a secure contacts list we hope to build using a freely available (Android only) messaging/chat/sharing platform. If you are interested drop us a message on Thanks

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