Tibetan Patriot Dies Following Self-Immolation Injuries

Tibetan Patriot Dies Following Self-Immolation Injuries

Image: @tibettruth/tibetan source/rfa

Mr Tsewang Norbu, a 25 year-old Tibetan musician, who self-immolated in protest against China’s brutal and illegal occupation of Tibet, has died from his injuries according to information emerging from Tibetan sources. His sacrifice was made February 25 in front of the Potala, former residence of Tibet’s Dalai Lama.

One thought on “Tibetan Patriot Dies Following Self-Immolation Injuries

  1. Tibet, an independent and sovereign state, with its own very distinct language and culture, was invaded by China in late 1950 and defeated by late 1951. The Chinese invasion of Tibet was as bloody and brutal as Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine today. The Tibetans resisted the invasion bravely, but were poorly equipped. The outside world was largely indifferent to the fate of the Tibetans, and there were no television cameras or reporters present. Chinese atrocities were covered up. The internet had not yet been invented. The outside world, even today, remains largely indifferent and ignorant about the terrible genocide carried out by the Chinese army against Tibetans and also against Uyghurs.

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