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Have you noticed just how many things are manufactured in Communist China? A vast array of cheap merchandise is exported to the west, particularly toys, and ‘Made in China’ is now commonplace on shelves in every sort of store. Yet how many of us are aware of the often harrowing conditions under which  such products are made? Do we realise that many innocent looking toys have been produced through slave labour, and that beyond the barbed wire workers in Communist China have no employment rights, are denied free speech, or the right to withdraw their labour.

When we buy goods manufactured in Communist China we are innocently contributing to a system that imprisons any who speak out and uses torture and the death penalty to suppress any dissent of democratic expression. To buy anything made in  China is to take trade away from countries that value democratic principles civil, political and labour rights. In fact through our purchase we are sponsoring a form of fascism where oppression and tyranny is mixed with capitalism. Yet as consumers we have a tremendous potential to influence and send a forceful message to the Chinese Regime by choosing to boycott all goods made in Communist China.

As a contribution to the Direct Economic Action called for by the Rangzen Alliance we ask that you try one of more of the following steps to support this initiative:

Try to buy only goods manufactured in the USA, there are a number of recommended sources online including:

If you cannot find an item produced in the United States choose goods made in democratic countries,  ask stores  if they have any goods from countries such as India, Bangladesh, South Korea or from European Union States.

Printout our poster Boycott China and display in public places. such as libraries, coffee-shops, book stores and community centers, or share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

For great hints and advice on boycotting Chinese goods get a copy of ‘A Year Without Made In China’

Available Here

59 thoughts on “Boycott China”

  1. On your next revised poster please add Canada as one of the democratic countries who produce goods. We need a better relationship with our neighboring countries. Thank you.

  2. Very good points here. I do have an issue with boycotts in that they impact on innocent people who need the work . Should we also call for a boycott on things made in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh as well, since there clear human rights abuses going on in these countries. Time will take trade away from China as wages increase and labourers demand better working condtions.

    I believe in buying locally and support local producers, the quality is better and I’m giving something back to the community whther it’s USA, Canada, Costa Rica etc.

    Thanks for raising this very crucial point.

    1. While no nation is free entirely of injustice and violations, communist China’s tyranny, including its mass programs of forcible sterilizations, is of a magnitude and nature far beyond the troubling trecords of other nations, as for innocent people yes that may be partially true, but the purchase of a products made in China’s slave labor camps cannot go unchallenged and promoting ethical consumerism is one of a number of actions, including buying local produce. Thanks for your support.

  3. In the beginnign of this week, I) have writen an article on my Blog in German about that too!
    I have very good book recommandation for this topic: Sara Bongiorni – A year without Made in China
    I try to avoid to buy Made in China wherever i can, but it really is very difficult to avoid everything! But it is possible!

  4. I hope and pray that Tibet AND China will one day become free. I have deep metta for innocent Chinese people, and have no bad feeling towards them, however we HAVE to make a stand, we who care. A lot of China’s recent growth is based on the west outsourcing manufacturing to them, but you MUST try to be aware, goods have a price, if the monetary price is far cheaper than the norm, the remainder must still be paid in other ways, either in quality, or ethical and moral considerations. For a Buddhists a temporary boycott of China’s goods seem to be one very peaceful and skillfull way of making your voice heard, along with explaining to friends/family your views, and lobbying your local and national MPs A lot of China’s government seems to me to be completely uninterested in making decisions based on personal freedom, religion, humanity, or ethical considerations so we must speak out in a language they understand. A final point, I am aware that governments make decisions all the time that are not actually supported by the general populous, I for example, am completely against the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan yet the world might think that all English people are in support, this is NOT the case. Of course I live in a country that allows personal views, but in my heart I hope that the peoples of China feel similar about their governments policy re Tibet.

    May all beings be happy and create abundant causes for future happiness, may no being suffer in any way, and create no causes for even the slightest suffering, may I see the day when HH Dalai Lama can return to a free Tibet, and may Tibetans and Chinese come together once again like the brothers and sisters that they are. Chris Sills, Letchworth Garden City, England

    1. Thank you. How to to be supportive of those suffering at the hands of those in power in China? Even as I grasp for boycotting chineese products as a way to help, I find myself wondering how many ordinary citizens will suffer before those in power are touched at all by my actions. To not cause suffering is my first goal. To relieve suffering in others is so much more complicated. I probably just think it through too much, but when you play it out in your mind I become unsure of this course of action. Maybe instead of trying to boycott china, I’ll try to look for ways to more directly support those who are targets of the state. But how would one do that?

      1. Well while you meditate on the suffering of all beings, and contemplate the infinite web of cause and effect, we shall be continuing to ask folks to consider, as just one strand of action, choosing to shop ethically by avoiding when/where possible China’s slave-labor goods

  5. I support the boycott. However your article reads more like it is railing against communism, through your repeated use of the phrase “Communist China”.

    1. We have edited your reply as your comments somewaht miss the point of the original post, we were not inviting a discussion on the meaning of communism, or if the rarified ideals of communism are correctly associated with China, As is obvious this post is about boycotting goods from communist China, on the basis of ethical consumerism and genuine concerns regarding communist China’s horrifying record of human rights abuses and violent oppression of occupied Tibet and East Turkestan. We appreciate and respect you may possess socialist sympathies, perhaps you value the ideals of communism’s founding fathers, whatever the case China defines itself as a socialiist state and is run by a communist regime. Using the term ‘communist China’ is therefore simply stating a fact.

      1. Wow. You edited my reply. But you used up more space with your explanation of why you edited it then my full reply would have filled.
        Maybe you just don’t like debate. Hey… that sounds a little like “Communist China”, doesn’t it?!

      2. Yes we wished to detail why your post was considered not relevant to the central issue of the subject featured in our post, we did feature your main point and responded accordingly. We shall ignore the tone of your reply, but would request that you recognize it is standard editorial practice and freedom to feature, in whole or part, contributions.

  6. I agree!! My New Year Resolution is to not buy anything from China what they are doing in Tibet is horrible and I refuse to support it in anyway!! 🙂

  7. I will never buy chinees products. I will share this message to others. My support and wishes to tibet ppl.

  8. I strongly support boycott made in China.Just walking away not buying made in China means nothing unless you walk up to the store managers request them to bring in things similar to that of made in China from any of your own favorite nations like India,Japan,S. Korea,European nations,Australia so on so forth,because you will not buy any thing made in “CHINA”.That’s all.Whether they pay heed to what you have said today right away is difficult.But day in day out every body who choose not to buy made in China will let them know…you will see a change.If you walk away quietly without buying made in China,no one would know it.The fact of the matter here is to convey a message… (HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION,COLONIZING TIBET NOT ,PAYING DECENT WAGES TO THE TIBETAN S AND CHINESE. WORKERS WITHOUT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION(FORCED PRISON LABORS) ETC. ETC).

  9. two identical products side by side, one made in china ($10), one made in US ($35). will you buy the $35 item? walmart, TJX, Target, etc, contribute to cheap products getting manufactured overseas.

    tjx commercials are telling you to “leave the mall this holiday season” because you can buy the same items for much cheaper at their stores.

    the question is, can you stay away?

  10. China has trampled the sovereign state of Tibet and has suppressed Tibetans for almost more than 50 years now; and it seems to be in no mood to relinquish Tibet.

    China is also flexing its muscles in the region, against the back drop of billions of dollars worth of money lying in its vaults; money earned through flogging their slave labor to produce goods at unheard of low prices, due to state intervention, suppression of the rights of the labor force, subsidies etc.

    The world and Tibet will be better served if China retreats behind its bamboo curtain and leaves Tibet, stops its hegemony in the region and ushers a reign of peace in the region. We on our part must ensure that not a nickel of our hard earned money ends up in China’s hands to further oppress the innocent.

    This can be done by boycotting Chinese made goods and ushering world opinion for China to leave Tibet once and for all.

  11. We the people of Hindustan are always with you dear. Your campaign will bring result… keep it up…

  12. China is a BULLY! boycott China! FREE TIBET!

    Tibetan people I feel your pain China has also bullied my country, Philippines.

  13. thanks a lot for the contributions and support for Tibet. I am writing a paper for my writing class .I am writing a proposal to boycott Chinese products. Going through the posts gave me good ideas to argue upon.

  14. If we let CHINA get away with murder, just like TIBET, what could stop CHINA from doing the same to its neighboring countries?

  15. Also boycott products/services made by companies under contract to the Chinese government to make products and services used in the oppression of the people (i.e. run Debian GNU/linux instead of Ubuntu so as not tp help London based Canonical (parent of Ubuntu) profiteer from suffering.

  16. This Blog is fascinating!! I love that there are people like you compiling information to make America wiser to issues with Chinese products. I have a video that I would LOVE if you posted to your followers. Last summer a Discovery Kids Lamp manufactured in China burned down my 7 year old’s bedroom. The owner of the company called me personally to appologize. Then explained politely to me that he had to continue to manufacture in China or he wouldn’t make any money.
    Enjoy this video and again superb blog!

  17. boycott chinese stuff
    we dont buy china support fellow workers instead
    free tibet

  18. Keep strong and Do well for all human beings, Nobody can stop which belongs to you. With the grace of God time will definitely come. with best wishes, Free Tibet!!!

  19. This is a great idea. We all need to stop buying Chinese made products and refuse to continue buying them. The United States of America and all countries around the world must boycott all ‘Made in China’ products. That will cause the Chinese communist government to collapse and it will also force China to put up a lot of hard pressure against North Korea.


  21. Hi dear blogger

    I am a commit to boycott Chinese goods

    but I am confusing in some other matters, I am thinking to study in Hong Kong, but not sure if going to Hong Kong consider as going to China??? therefore not boycotting China

    because I hear Hong Kong have other Visa that is different from China

    also is it my money will benefit China, if I pay university in Hong Kong???

    I am indeed, intresting in joining Hong Kong independence movement if I will be there, but not sure what is the impact

    Thanks..I hope you could help me 🙂

    1. Your thinking and awareness is already guiding you on this matter. It remains an individual responsibility to stand for human rights and freedom, if you share a vision of people freed from the oppression and suffering imposed by China’s regime then listen to your heart.

  22. Thanks dear for answer

    but I am confused if Hong Kong same as China, because even Chinese embassy don’t give visa for Hong Kong

    any way, what I understand from your answer, that its better not to go there, because it might benefit China’s regime

    I have other choices, and might choose another country


  23. I support the boycott, but not for your reasons.while I sympathize with Tibet my reasons are that greedy companies moved production/jobs to China to increase profit margin ,but still want to sell their products here.well I say no jobs for us, no sales for you. The quality of these Chinese made goods is insulting as they are just garbage. If everyone in north america just stopped buying goods from 1 company, we could crush them and then move on to the next company.when you make it political you lose a lot support. Make it about our own survival.

  24. I have recently been arguing this very thing with a lot of people as I have been purchasing American products exclusively for about a month now. It is actually incredibly difficult to find things that aren’t made in China, and even more so, that are made in the USA. That said, the main point that keeps getting brought up is that people in China are doing much better because of the American companies that are using Chinese cheap labor to maximize their profit, and that if we boycott them, they will be out of jobs and in worse living conditions than they are now. My response is the following: is it better to do nothing about something you know is wrong because of the possibility that what may come of it is worse? I think that it is our moral obligation to take a stand, and while raising awareness is obviously important, it is only fruitful if people take that awareness to heart and take action. As consumers, the only tool we have to combat the many issues with purchasing products made in China (aside from the terrible working conditions, the human rights abuse, the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries, and the exponential growth of the wealth of the top 1%, there are also environmental consequences to importing everything from across half the world!!) is to stop buying these things and make that statement. It may cost more money in the short term, but buying goods that are made to last means that you don’t have to buy them as often, and you won’t have something sitting in your living room that was made by children younger than your kids for 4¢ per hour… It’s all we got, so use your power! Boycott China!

  25. I regret that many claims made against the current Chinese regime are groundless, but that’s understandable given the political viewpoint of this site is highly biased to start with. Setting aside whether the accusations made by the author are exaggeration or downright fallacious, unfortunately the call for boycotting Chinese goods and services is detrimental to all parties. Economics wise, the victims of such brainless action are consumers and workers who actually need the job. Politics wise, boycotting might be a good way to voice out your opinion (or rather vent your anger), it does little to actually help resolve any issues, not to mention many of the “issues” are conjured up.

    P.S. Pardon my language and tone here, as such post only promote miscommunication, misunderstanding, and mistrust.

    1. Beryl, if indeed that is your actual name, your post exemplifies most convincingly what Stalin described as someone who as a ‘useful idiot’ could serve the aims of propaganda. Clearly the delusion which your comments reveal indicate a mind closed to the grim realities of the Chinese regime and its harrowing record on human rights. No doubt you subscribe to the monthly bulletin of China’s Ministry Of Disinformation. Of course that’s your right, as is it ours that no pro-China trolling will be tolerated on this site. Your remarks have been graced inclusion only as an illustration to others of the capacity of individuals to operate in a condition of denial. On this basis no further remarks from you will be allowed here.

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