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Chinese Regime Intensifies Control Over Tibet’s Reincarnation System

Chinese Regime Intensifies Control Over Tibet's Reincarnation System
The indoctrination center near Lhasa which is hosting the brainwashing program

Image: tibetanreview

The Chinese regime and its Tibetan stooges are currently running a 10 day ‘training program’ in Lhasa, more accurately described as an intense brainwashing exercise targeting senior Buddhist figures from across occupied Tibet. The aim of this event, run by the ‘Institute of Socialism in Tibet’  is to indoctrinate and coerce on the subject of reincarnation, a process which Xi Jinping and his thugs are seeking to control and define.

Take these comments (from a Tibetan collaborator and active member of China’s communist party) issued on Friday 23rd August. Mr Suolang Renzeng, of the so-called ‘TAR United Front Work Department’ cautioned that reincarnation is “never a religious-only issue or a living Buddha’s personal right” going onto insist it being an important representation of the Communist Party of China’s strategies and policies in the region. 

Ever fearful of Tibetan cultural and national identity, particularly the role of the Dalai Lama China’s seeking total control over every aspect of Tibet’s Buddhism. Under this suffocating and dictatorial lockdown only the enlightened wisdom of the Chinese regime has the authority to declare what constitutes a genuinely reincarnated Tibetan Buddhist!


Tibet’s Buddhism Placed In Chains By China’s Thought-Police

Tibet's Buddhism Placed In Chains By China's Thought-Police
Sera monastery, Lhasa, Tibet, now an indoctrination center and tourist attraction

Image: archivenet

For anyone selfish or unthinking enough to take a vacation to Lhasa its likely they will join a tour to Sera Monastery just north of the Tibetan capital. There they can see monks enjoying Buddhist debate, marvel at the traditional architecture and absorb the peaceful environs at which Buddhism is flourishing.

Meanwhile behind that staged show of supposed cultural freedom a darker reality exists for Tibetans, although you would not come into contact with that during your tightly controlled and monitored time at Sera.

Tibet's Buddhism Placed In Chains By China's Thought-Police
Dictator Xi jinping prominently displayed within Sera Monastery

Image: Eric Baculinao

We wonder how such tourists would feel about their Tibet trip had they been in attendance at a March 13 meeting in Sera during which a panel of Tibetan collaborators (Lhakpa Tsering ‘Lhasa, Monastery Management Committee Director’,  Tsetan Dorje, ‘Manager Sera monastery’ and Jampa Kelsang, ‘Media and Education Committee Director’ Sera Monastery) addressed some three hundred monks. Insisting that they should “… feel grateful to the Chinese government and show their loyalty to the nation by obeying the country’s laws,”.

Tibet's Buddhism Placed In Chains By China's Thought-Police
Tibet’s religious centers are now under occupation by Chinese paramilitary and the thought-police of China’s regime

Image: Tsering Woeser

Surrounded by Chinese paramilitary police, security officials and ‘management’ staff the monks were ordered to stand against what was described as ‘sepratism’. They were also warned of a series of prohibitions regarding online activity, including posting any information the regime considers sensitive.

Tibet's Buddhism Placed In Chains By China's Thought-Police
Tourists, undercover Chinese officials and paramilitary mingle within Lhasa’s Jokhang temple

Image: Tsering Woeser

The meeting concluded with an exultation ‘re-pay China’s generosity in Tibet and demonstrate loyalty to Beijing and love for the top leadership of China’s ruling Communist Party.’.

Sera monastery is in truth no longer a center for Buddhist learning, like monasteries across Tibet it is an indoctrination facility, placed under a suffocating control by the thought-police of the Chinese regime.

Tibet's Buddhism Placed In Chains By China's Thought-Police
Sera monastery is effectively a prison in which its Tibetan Buddhist inmates are under 24/7 surveillance and forced to perform for tourists.

Image: Tsering Woeser

It also has another function, one that exploits the wonderment, gullibility and ignorance of those who travel to Lhasa for an exotic vacation. It’s calculated and tightly controlled illusion of a thriving Tibetan Buddhist culture is an important propaganda tool to manipulate and deceive.

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China Threatening Tibetans With Starvation And Homelessness If They Fail To Denounce Buddhism

Image: courtesy of @tibettruth

First they invade your country, then place an army of occupation to suppress your resistance. Next they encourage and facilitate mass-colonization so that increasingly your land becomes dominated by foreign occupiers. Under the disguise of development the language of your oppressor is forced upon your children at school, internet television and radio broadcast in a foreign tongue. Without that language you are deprived and marginalized. Your traditions and culture is increasingly targeted as being in need of reform and modernization.

As part of such a process you and your family, along with countless others are rounded up and forced to live in concentration settlements, you are given basic handouts of fuel and food. No longer are you free living under the stars in harmony with the land and animals that you kept, you are now dependent on the crumbs offered by your tyrant. Having endured the misery of such an existence you are then ordered to renounce the traditions and religion which define your cultural and national identity. If you fail to comply the meager handouts you now are completely reliant upon are withdrawn, hunger and cold ensure obedience. This is occupied Tibet, this the calculated terrorism waged by the Chinese regime!

January 21 2019 report here:


China’s State-Approved Fake ‘Living Buddhas’ Promote The Big Lie

Image: ndtv/info-graphic via @tibettruth

Today the Chinese Regime released an official list of state-approved Tibetan Buddhist Lamas. It did so under the guise of protecting people from what it claims as fake ‘Living Buddhas’ who we are asked to believe are cynically exploiting the innocent and gullible by passing themselves off as genuine reincarnations of revered Tibetan Buddhists.

Well sure the world has its share of phony mystics and ‘spiritual’ teachers but in this case we need to look beyond the propaganda to see the motives and objectives at work.

For years China’s authorities have targeted Tibetan Buddhism with a view to imposing complete control over Tibetans and Buddhist thinking which are considered with suspicion and fear. Such has been the imposition of regulations and penalties imposed upon Tibetan monasteries that these former centers of Buddhism and learning have effectively been transformed into detention centers, complete with para military check-points, protected with machine-guns and razor-wire!

Image: lhayak/info-graphic via @tibettruth

Meanwhile a ceaseless ideological war has been waged against Tibetan monks and nuns, a campaign of brain-washing (sorry that should read, according to official Chinese sources ‘re-education’) aimed at inducing patriotism towards the Motherland and encouraging loyalty to the Regime! Such is the extent of restriction and interference that even the tradition and rarefied process of identifying reincarnated Buddhist Lamas now requires administrative approval from the Chinese regime.

While Tibetan cultural identity and Buddhism faces this relentless assault the communist party of China has no difficulties in appointing a number of fake ‘living Buddhas’ to promote its disinformation on Tibet. Including most notoriously a bogus Panchen Lama (see photo above) there are many others, including below:

Image: xinhua/info-graphic via @tibettruth

Such is the context that needs to be considered when reading today’s report that the Chinese government has released a ‘verified living Buddha’ list. We should remind ourselves too that a six-year old Tibetan child, Gendun Choekyi Nyima, was on May 17, 1995, disappeared along with his family and caretakers, to become the youngest political prisoner in the world. He had been recognized that same year as the 11th Panchen Lama by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, an acknowledgement  which prompted China’s regime to arrest the boy, who has not been seen since, and appoint its own fake ‘living Buddha’!

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David Bowie

The world wakes to the news of the death of David Bowie, song-writer supreme, majestic performer, artist, innovator and actor, his music touched millions and continues to do so. A man with a deep interest in the mystery and philosophy of life, as evidenced by his lyrics, especially his earlier work. Perhaps it’s not so well known that he had an interest in Tibet and it’s Buddhist culture, and so we understand was at one time associated with a respected Tibetan teacher in London. While not an outspoken activist against China’s occupation of Tibet his writing, as ever obliquely, in his song ‘Seven Years In Tibet’ is a powerful statement.

“Are you okay?
You’ve been shot in the head
And I’m holding your brains”
The old woman said
So I drink in the shadows
Of an evening sky
See nothing at all

The stars look so special
And the snow looks so old
The frail form is drifting
Beyond the orc’s zone
Time to question the mountain
Why pigs can fly?
It’s nothing at all

I praise to you
Nothing ever goes away

I praise to you
Nothing ever goes
I praise to you

I praise to you
Nothing ever goes away
I praise to you
Nothing ever goes

I praise to you
Nothing ever goes away
I praise to you
Nothing ever goes, nothing ever goes

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China Tightening Its Grip on Tibetan Monasteries


As China’s regime intensifies its efforts to suppress Tibet, once again monasteries are being targeted for particularly aggressive attention. Seen by an ever paranoid and distrustful China as hothouses for resistance and dissent towards Chinese rule, monks and nuns continue to face highly coercive propaganda drives (so-called Patriot Re-Education). Meanwhile, Chinese paramilitary troops are becoming a permanent presence at monasteries, which have effectively become prisons, with an ever tightening set of regulations imposed. Recent cases of self-immolations have lead to further repression, no longer allowed the freedom to practice their Buddhist traditions independently China’s occupying forces are imposing draconian demands.


An official dictate, currently being enforced across Tibet, demands that monasteries should:

Be committed and determined to maintain the management responsibility for the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

Operate according to County documents provided for the implementation of religious management.

Restrict themselves to learning about religious knowledge.

Safeguard national unity (sic) against the infiltration of the Dalai clique.

Prevent and oppose the displaying of images of the Dalai Lama

To comply with relevant regulations and strengthen the internal management of the monastery.

Ensure and refuse the admission of ‘underage children’ as monks or nuns