Time Journalists Checked The Facts On Tibet

Over the years we have watched with concern; how Tibet, and the issues related to China’s illegal and brutal occupation of that country, are misrepresented and/or distorted by mainstream media.

It has jaundiced our view towards journalism. A profession which once was staffed by dedicated, professional individuals, writing with objectivity and integrity. Perhaps that’s still the case? But just not when the subject is about Tibet!

Sometimes this is explained by a laziness, an over-reliance on pre-published articles. Problem is such references often feature information served up by the Chinese Regime, handed to leading press agencies. Who consume and repeat such disinformation without question or consideration, especially in relation to it’s bogus claim that Tibet is part of China.

One of our friends in the UK emailed a story over to us. which appeared March 28 in The Independent newspaper.

Time Journalists Checked The Facts On Tibet

Image: The Times – Mongolian boy recognized and confirmed as the 10th Khalkha Jetsun Dhampa Rinpoche by Tibet’s Exiled Dalai Lama

It reports the recognition and confirmation; by the exiled Dalai Lama, of a U.S born Mongolian boy as a reincarnation of a prominent and respected Tibetan Buddhist Lama. Much to the agitated constipation of China’s dictatorship.

The piece is fairly well composed, offering up key facts on the story and remaining pretty much objective, that is until the very last sentence. When the reporter (Joe Sommerlad) ends his piece with the following:

“Beijing, in turn, considers him a dangerous separatist and has banned his portrait from being displayed in public, although many Chinese Tibetans still revere him.” (Emphasis Added)

This is the last impression offered up to the reader, borrowed from China’s fact-free propaganda. Note the phrase “Chinese Tibetans” a crass distortion to mislead people into regarding Tibetans as not having their own distinct national identity.

We wonder if journalists such as Mr Sommerlad are writing articles about Russian occupied territories of Ukraine and using the term ‘Russian Ukranians’?

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