China Threatening Tibetans With Starvation And Homelessness If They Fail To Denounce Buddhism

Image: courtesy of @tibettruth

First they invade your country, then place an army of occupation to suppress your resistance. Next they encourage and facilitate mass-colonization so that increasingly your land becomes dominated by foreign occupiers. Under the disguise of development the language of your oppressor is forced upon your children at school, internet television and radio broadcast in a foreign tongue. Without that language you are deprived and marginalized. Your traditions and culture is increasingly targeted as being in need of reform and modernization.

As part of such a process you and your family, along with countless others are rounded up and forced to live in concentration settlements, you are given basic handouts of fuel and food. No longer are you free living under the stars in harmony with the land and animals that you kept, you are now dependent on the crumbs offered by your tyrant. Having endured the misery of such an existence you are then ordered to renounce the traditions and religion which define your cultural and national identity. If you fail to comply the meager handouts you now are completely reliant upon are withdrawn, hunger and cold ensure obedience. This is occupied Tibet, this the calculated terrorism waged by the Chinese regime!

January 21 2019 report here:

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