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Tibetan Monk Self-Immolates In Kham Region Of Tibet

Reports today of another Tibetan self-immolation in protest against China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. According to account around 4 Pm local time a Tibetan monk engulfed himself in flame in downtown Kyegudo, a town in Tibet’s Kham region.

Photo via Lobsang Jinpa

UPDATE July 10

Confirmed information that this latest Tibetan to sacrifice their life to oppose and expose the tyranny of Chinese rule in Tibet was named Mr Sonam Tobgyal, aged 26.


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Tibetan Self-Immolates In Tawu, Kham Region Of Tibet

Tenzin Gyatso Self-Immolated Against China's Brutal Occupation Of Tibet
Tenzin Gyatso Self-Immolated Against China’s Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

Image: via Tibet Times

Breaking reports of another self-immolation this time in Tawu, Kham region of Eastern Tibet. According to the Tibet Times about 8.00 pm local Tibetan time today Mr Tenzin Gyatso said to be aged 35, and a father of four children, engulfed himself in flame to demonstrate against China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet. The oppression is ceaseless and Tenzin’s town of Tawu has recently been placed under a military lock-down with Tibetans under a suffocating degree of control. At the time of writing his condition remains unclear.


Tibetan Self-Immolates In Kham Region Of Occupied Tibet

Image: via DossierTibet

Now confirmed that on Thursday April 9, 2015  another self-immolation protest occured in occupied Tibet, Yeshi Kando aged 42 a Buddhist nun from the Kardze region of Kham in Eastern Tibet.

According to reports she shouted slogans calling for the return of the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama, freedom for Tibet and the Dalai Lama’s long life as she set herself ablaze.

Chinese paramilitary arrived quickly and extinguished the flames, her family members were later ordered to the local security center although it is reported that no details of her condition was made available to relatives, nor her body returned.


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As World Opens Xmas Presents China’s Psychos Open Fire On Tibetans

Tibetans Gunned Down In Tawu, Kham Region, Tibet
Tibetans Gunned Down In Tawu, Kham Region, Tibet

Image: via tseringkyi/facebook

Information received and published from sources in the North Indian town of Dharamsala, home of the exiled Tibetan Administration, have reported a number injuries to Tibetan monks as Chinese paramilitary opened fire upon them as they sought to prevent the charred body of a Tibetan self-immolator being confiscated.

According to reports that quoted a localTibetan, ‘the police forcefully cremated the body of Kalsang Yeshi, 37, who died minutes after setting himself on fire on Tuesday, in an electric crematorium’. Other accounts claim that relatives of the Kalsang were at gunpoint forced to dump his remains into a nearby river! Two family members of the deceased were forced to throw the remains into a river at gunpoint, the source said. The same source also reported that other Tibetans injured in this latest assault are fearful of attending hospital lest they be arrested.



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Tibetan Monk In Self-Immolation Protest In Kham Region Of Tibet

Reports late today from Phayul and Dossier Tibet of another self-immolation, this time in Tawu, in Tibet’s Kham Region.

The Tibetan man, named as Kalsang Yeshi, a 37 year-old Buddhist monk was said to have died following his protest, which he carried outside a Chinese ‘security’ post located at the nearby Nyitso monastery in the town of Tawu.

Kalsang Yeshi Died Following Self-Immolation Against China's Illegal & Violent Occupation Of Tibet
Kalsang Yeshi Died Following Self-Immolation Against China’s Illegal & Violent Occupation Of Tibet

Photos: phayul

Chinese forces have confiscated and as in other cases are refusing to return the body to Kalsang’s family, thus denying traditional Buddhist rites for his death. This has resulted in large protests in the town, which no doubt will be responded to with a merciless crackdown by Chinese paramilitary. For more details please read: HERE




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Anonymous Issue Appeal To Take Down Chinese Mining Site

China's paramilitary beat and arrested Tibetan women who opposed mining of a local mountain.
China’s paramilitary beat and arrested Tibetan women who opposed mining of a local mountain.

Image:credited to a listener of RFA

This week China’s regime sent in its psychopaths to crush a protest against a Chinese company that is mining for copper ore at a mountain sacred to local Tibetans. A group of Tibetan women from Dechen in Kham region of occupied Tibet staged a protest at the site, the company, Huicheng called in Chinese paramilitary which as usual used terror tactics severely beating women who had bravely demonstrated.

This latest example of tyranny waged against Tibetans by China’s regime was widely reported across the Internet and has attracted the attention of Anonymous, earlier today a statement was released by ‘Operation Tibet’ calling upon hack-tivists to target the mining company’s website.


Many thanks to @AnonymousTibet for the heads-up on this latest action