Anonymous Issue Appeal To Take Down Chinese Mining Site

China's paramilitary beat and arrested Tibetan women who opposed mining of a local mountain.
China’s paramilitary beat and arrested Tibetan women who opposed mining of a local mountain.

Image:credited to a listener of RFA

This week China’s regime sent in its psychopaths to crush a protest against a Chinese company that is mining for copper ore at a mountain sacred to local Tibetans. A group of Tibetan women from Dechen in Kham region of occupied Tibet staged a protest at the site, the company, Huicheng called in Chinese paramilitary which as usual used terror tactics severely beating women who had bravely demonstrated.

This latest example of tyranny waged against Tibetans by China’s regime was widely reported across the Internet and has attracted the attention of Anonymous, earlier today a statement was released by ‘Operation Tibet’ calling upon hack-tivists to target the mining company’s website.


Many thanks to @AnonymousTibet for the heads-up on this latest action


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