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China Should Get The **** Out Of Tibet And Lobsang Sangay Needs To Support The Tibetan People!

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Once there was unity between the struggle waged by the brave Tibetan people and their exiled government. The shared vision was to regain the rightful national freedom of Tibet. Now, as Tibetans inside occupied Tibet suffer the terrifying oppression of Chinese tyranny and yet still demand independence for Tibet, in exile an elite Tibetan political cabal is on its knees to the Chinese regime seeking a dangerously compromised ‘solution’.

This treacherous surrender has been going on for a number of years now, but since the election, as ‘political leader’ of Doctor Lobsang Sangy the pace of capitulation has increased. His latest public overture on the subject was given to the US Heritage Foundation May 25, 2017 during which he repeated the mantra of a negotiated settlement. The aim of which would be autonomy under Chinese rule.

“If the Chinese government implement their own laws listed in the Constitution and minorities nationalities act, we could take that as genuine autonomy,” Lobsang Sangay ‘Political Leader’ Central Tibetan Administration May 25 2017 Address To The Heritage Foundation)

This is a universe away from the objectives and dreams which are held in Tibetan hearts, no accommodation with China’s tyranny is sought, no appeal for autonomy raised by Tibetan protests. As the final words of Ms Sangay Dolma, and other Tibetans who have sacrificed their lives testify:

“Look up, Tibetans, look at the snow mountains. The snowland’s era has begun. And Tibet is free and independent”

Any reading of Tibetan political protest inside Tibet reveals the goal is, and has been consistently, one of national independence for Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama.

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Exiled Tibetans Offer Their Administration Mandate For Accepting Chinese Dominance

Re-Elected, Lobsang Sangay To Promote The Surrender Of Tibet
Re-Elected, Lobsang Sangay To Promote The Surrender Of Tibet

So there we have it the exiled Tibetan community has endorsed Lobsang Sangay and re-elected him as the ‘Political Leader (Sikyong) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). That’s democracy apparently, the people have spoken, right? Well kind of. The application of democratic electoral process upon Tibet’s unique and ancient culture has not been without its challenges, some argue that the traditional social structures operating within Tibetan society make it impossible for democracy to flourish. Whatever the contested views Tibet’s cause, at least in exile, looks set for five years of appeasing China’s regime as Doctor Sangay and his CTA colleagues promote the surrender of Tibet’s rightful nationhood in exchange for improved autonomy under the dubious ‘rights’ of China’s regional and national laws. Over in occupied Tibet where some 90% of Tibetans live, enduring a genocidal assault against their culture and national identity democracy is prohibited by the totalitarian ideology of the Chinese Communist Party. That does not though vexe Lobsang Sangay, who while happy to embrace the advantages of a democratic election in exile declared during a Washington DC interview that he’s not seeking democracy or democratic freedoms for Tibetans in Tibet. Nope he just wants his compatriots to enjoy some improved rights as defined by Chinese law. Video HERE:

Not sure how the courageous Tibetans of Tibet would feel hearing such appeasement from the head of the Central Tibetan Administration, one thing for sure though in exile Tibetans have decided to invest their hope and trust in Lobsang Sangay. Well they can be certain of one thing about his leadership, it will continue to betray the struggle and political aspirations of Tibet’s people. Welcome to democracy!

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Lobsang Sangay’s Duplicitous Paris Declaration

On the bone-chilling streets of Paris yesterday some Tibetans and their supporters could be forgiven thinking that they were witnessing a momentous change of policy by the Central Tibetan Administration as Doctor Lobsang Sangay peppered his keynote speech with references to liberty, justice. and democracy. The Harvard law school graduate began his address by envisioning raising the national flag of Tibet above the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet’s symbol of nationhood and independence was a prominent feature of the event, and formed a huge stage backdrop. Yet this is the man who had boldly declared that he is not asking for democratic rights within an autonomous Tibet!

Unfortunately a careful examination of his words reveals not so much a demand from Doctor Sangay and his CTA colleagues for a free and democratic Tibet, but a cynical  misappropriation of the rights and political aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet. When mentioning such freedoms he very carefully avoided officially endorsing the demands made by compatriots under Chinese tyranny. Indeed his speech on referencing ‘liberty’ or ‘democracy’ emphasized repeatedly that such objectives were what ‘Tibetans’ wanted with the obvious corollary that such aims were not being demanded by the Central Tibetan Adminstration. This is evidenced by the policy adopted and promoted by Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues within the CTA which is actively seeking a condition of ‘meaningful autonomy’ for Tibetans. In that objective Doctor Sangay has stated that no separation from China is being sought but only the just and full application of communist Chinese laws on autonomy’ In that context he made it clear during a 2013 interview, given at Washington’s Council on Foreign Relations that as part of  his autonomy proposals democracy was not being sought for Tibetans in Tibet!

Now given that’s the agreed and formalized policy of the Central Tibetan Administration clearly notions of national freedom and independence are effectively anathema to Lobsang Sangay,  marginalized, ignored and rejected as barriers to progressing talks with a Chinese regime ever suspicious of covert agendas. On March 13 China again dismissed any prospect of talks on what is called ‘high autonomy’ for Tibetans. Meanwhile the officially sanctioned ideology that autonomy is the only ‘realistic’ solution continues to forced upon a Tibetan Diaspora. However in trying to prevent Tibetans from expressing their support for a free and independent Tibet the thought-police of the CTA have gone too far and unleashed a wave of outrage and opposition.

The intensity and scale of unease at the manipulation of protests in New York and Dharamsala has revealed just how embedded within Tibetan communities globally is support for Tibetan national freedom. The very same Tibetans who Lobsang Sangay and his Administration require the goodwill and political support of, which brings us back to possible motive for his flag waving address in Paris. Some Tibetans on various social media sites are already posting glowing comments of support for his speech describing it as ‘powerful’ and ‘strong’ yet they clearly have been fooled by appearance and failed to note the detail of his comments.

What was declared in Paris was not an approval of, or expression showing solidarity with the cause and rightful demands of Tibetan in Tibet but a carefully engineered and duplicitous display that was more concerned with promoting Lobsang Sangay and presenting an illusion that the Central Tibetan Administration is allied with and shares the objective of national liberation so courageously expressed by Tibetans under China’s genocidal rule. Don’t be fooled people!

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Paris Rally To Stand For The Surrender of Tibetan National Identity

Info-graphic by @tibettruth

Paris, France on March 14 is to host an event titled ‘Europe Stands With Tibet’ sounds like a gathering that’s in solidarity with the Tibetan people, right? Wrong! This rally should be more correctly termed ‘A Platform To Promote The Surrender Of Tibet’s Right To Nationhood’ Why so? Well take into account that its been organized and promoted by the Central Tibetan Administration and will feature as main speaker Doctor Lobsang Sangay who will be peddling his message of autonomy under Chinese rule, in the hope of appeasing China.

As with recent Tibetan demonstrations in New York and Dharamsala it is likely that the issue of Tibetan independence will not be welcome, at what we understand is to be tightly restricted and orchestrated meeting. Tibetan communities are being bused across Europe to attend and ensure that this propaganda theater has a compliant and obedient audience. No doubt Tibetan flags will be tolerated but that will be a distraction, the central message will be that ‘We are only seeking genuine autonomy’ a condition if ever realized under the brutal oppression of the Chinese regime will not be allowing any degree of Tibetan national identity and certainly will arrest, torture and shoot anyone who dares to raise Tibet’s national banner.

Don’t be mislead either should you read of or hear the cynical use of the term ‘freedom’ by the Harvard trained lawyer. While it sounds suggestive of independence it’s used by Lobsang Sangay as it may exist under the various forms of ‘autonomy’, for anyone who doubts such an assessment we refer you to an interview Video Here  in which he made clear that his proposals on resolving the issue of Tibet ruled out the prospect of democratic rights for Tibetans in Tibet!

This is an individual who while cloaking himself in the Tibetan flag and delivering carefully scripted rhetoric designed to appeal to and manipulate the exiled Tibetan community, is opposed to Tibetan independence and has willfully ignored the demands and political aspirations of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet.

If anyone reading this truly wishes to stand with the Tibetan people they will not be doing so by attending this event in Paris, better to show your solidarity with the peaceful resistance being waged by Tibetans in Tibet, join and get active with those organizations who clearly state an objective of national liberation and independence for Tibet.

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New York Rally For Tibet Stained By CTA Splittists

These prominent rally organizers refused to allow Tibet freedom placards/slogans
These prominent rally organizers uneasy with freedom placards/slogans

Image:capture from facebook video posted via sonam samanatha

In exile Tibet’s cause reached a disappointing low on March 10, a date commemorating the 1959 Lhasa Uprising and a central focus to honor Tibetans inside Tibet who continue their courageous and peaceful resistance to Chinese tyranny. For the second year running New York was the stage upon which a cynical game of manipulation and the promotion of political approved agendas was acted out.Unlike last year however, when such covert actions were restricted to the prominent placement of slogans promoting the policy adopted by and actively followed by Doctor Lobsang Sangay and the Central Tibetan Administration events yesterday took a disturbing turn for the worse.

It would appear that in the land of free speech there is no place within the Tibetan
community of New York for any mention of Tibet’s independence or slogans calling for a
free Tibet. So what was going down? From various reports it appears that a coalition of
censorship and political conformity, comprising prominent figures within the Regional
Tibetan Youth Congress, Regional Tibetan Women’s Association, Tibetan Community and
Chushi Gangdruk had agreed upon excluding from the organized rally any voices or protests that dissented from the officially approved call for ‘genuine autonomy’.

New York March 10 A Goal Not Shared By Tibetan Struggle Inside Tibet
New York March 10 A Goal Not Shared By Tibetan Struggle Inside Tibet


The resulting scenes were deeply troubling with Tibetans, by their own people, being
marginalized, bullied and censored simply for daring to promote the rightful national
freedom of Tibet. As you may imagine the sense of outrage, frustration and sadness which emerged was a cause of much debate and division, resulting in division, accusations and genuine anger. Understandably so, after all the struggle being waged inside Tibet seeks not submitting  to Chinese communist laws on autonomy but demands nation liberation and independence, it is the duty and birthright of exiled Tibetans to stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Tibet towards that just objective.

The resultant reaction across various social media platforms has been volcanic to say the
least, especially upon Facebook, people rightly condemn what was a blatant attempt to
censor any mention of Tibetan independence by silencing and ostracizing those who dared to shout for national freedom. Much finger-pointing, excuses and denial have been offered in the subsequent exchanges on the subject with calls for unity and tolerance, yet those who seek to castigate pro-independence Tibetans as being responsible for causing
disabling division are being duplicitous and delusional in their criticism.

Why so? Well the origins for this regrettable incident are to be correctly sourced not to people holding a conviction who support Tibet’s independence, nor can it be explained in any reasonable manner to an unwillingness to tolerate different views on Tibet. The seeds of this divisive and damaging schism were engineered in the political laboratories of a Central Tibetan Administration that for years now has been actively promoting a policy of appeasing China’s regime. It’s Middle Way ‘solution’ seeks not an independent Tibet but merely the application of Chinese communist laws relating to autonomy of so-called ‘ethnic minorities’.

Is the CTA an invisible hand behind such actions?
Is the CTA an invisible hand behind such actions?


There’s a problem though, and one lying in a dark corner that explains events at the rally yesterday, the Chinese regime has long dismissed such overtures from the CTA as a veiled bid for independence. So from the perspective of the Central Tibetan Administration the issue of Tibetan independence is deeply problematical, indeed it is regarded as an obstacle to progressing talks with China, as such a response was needed.

How best to reassure China that the CTA was not advocating an independent Tibet? Statements to that effect were clearly not enough, actions were needed, some physical manifestation perhaps to help dispossess the Chinese government of its suspicions? So in addition to relentlessly affirming via official statements that only genuine autonomy is being sough a covert campaign has been set in motion that’s manipulating various global protests for Tibet, along with the exile Tibetan community into endorsing the official proposals of the CTA. False choices are being presented in which supporting the Middle Way is portrayed as being loyal to the cause of Tibet and His Holiness, while advocates of Tibet’s rightful independence are marginalized as being disloyal, extreme or unrealistic. Such has been the toxic and cynical narrative increasingly clouding the exiled Tibetan movement.

To the disadvantage and embarrassment of Tibet’s cause there are a significant number of Tibetans in New York who for reasons of conformity, lack of understanding, personal gain or wishing to demonstrate what in reality is a misplaced loyalty now act as censorial attack-dogs for the policy of surrender being pushed by Doctor Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues within the Central Tibetan Administration. Their unthinking obedience is betraying the sacrifices and common political aspirations of their brothers and sisters inside occupied Tibet, such treachery, for that is what it is, needs to be urgently exposed and challenged, in that regard we hope that their disgraceful attempt to silence fellow Tibetans who support Tibet’s independence will serve as a call to action!

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Independence! A Dirty Word For Lobsang Sangay



It’s official! The exiled Tibetan Administration does not equate ‘freedom’ with independence. So dear Tibetan brothers and sisters when in future you hear either Doctor Lobsang Sangay or any other exiled Tibetan official refer to Tibetan freedom be warned that what they mean is not Tibet’s independence but something far less, the subservient condition of autonomy!

We have been trying to inform people of the distinction between the meaning and application of the terms independence and freedom for some time Article HERE and so are most grateful to Doctor Lobsang Sangay for his authoratitive recent confirmation that the two terms are indeed distinct, with ‘freedom’ covering a range of interpretations that are less emphatic or singular than ‘independence’.

In a recent New York Times interview in which Doctor Sangay appeared, the journalist Gardiner Harris, originally made the following opening comments:

“The cause of INDEPENDENCE is not hopeless, Lobsang Sangay, leader of the Tibetan Government in Exile, said in an interview on Thursday” (Emphasis Added)

Now firstly you should be aware that these words were comments not attributed in quotation to Lobsang Sangay, so could be open to interpretation and uncertainty as to whether they are an interpretation of the reporter, or a remark made by Doctor Sangay but not formally quoted. However that literary confusion apart the main controversy here is reference to  ‘independence’ a word which is taboo to the exiled Tibetan Administration and one which anyone familiar with the Tibetan cause would never associate with Lobsang Sangay or his colleagues who consistently avoid any mention of it. They have no such reservations however with employing the term ‘freedom’, reason being that it is open to a varierty of interpretations, less emphatic and can of course describe a condition of ‘autonomy’, which by coincidence happens to be the objective sought for Tibetans by Lobsang Sangay and the CTA!

The degree of appeasement towards the Chinese regime by Doctor Sangay is such that the mere association of Tibet with independence sets in motion various levers of denial, censorship and evasion, while always carefully reassuring China that ‘we are not seeking independence’. So what does the Harvard trained lawyer do on realizing that he has been attributed as affirming Tibet’s cause for independence is not without hope? Why he calls upon the New York Times to immediately issue an amended, restrospectively edited version, expunging any reference to ‘independence’!

“The cause of Tibetan FREEDOM is not hopeless, Lobsang Sangay, leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile, said in an interview Thursday.” (Emphasis Added) SOURCE

Not only that but any former trace of the original version of the story vanishes from the internet! Just to make sure that his good friends in Beijing are not unduly upset Lobsang Sangay arranges the revised version of the NYT interview to feature on the official website of the Central Tibetan Administration.

So desperate is Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues to convince China that the exiled Tibetan Administration in no way endorses independence that they attach to the revised interview the following addendum:

Correction: December 1, 2012

The first sentence of this post originally read: “The cause of Tibetan independence is not hopeless…”Tibetans are fighting for an autonomous state, not independence.”

So there we have it! In a panic to ensure that China’s pathological sensitivities concerning Tibetan independence were appeased  Lobsang Sangay has the word ‘independence’ removed and replaced with ‘freedom’ from comments attributed to him by a reporter. Remember dear Tibetans that if he and his fellows in the Central Tibetan Administration regarded the two words as having the same meaning, in terms of politics and international law, then he would have felt no need to insist on the New York Times issuing an emergency revision! Truth is that he felt compelled to arrange the substitution, because he and the exiled Tibetan Administration know very well that ‘freedom’ is not equivalent to ‘independence’ and were desperate too that China be offered an immediate reassurance that Lobsang Sangay had not been supportive of Tibetan independence.

The next occasion Lobsang Sangay appears on Al Jazeera and talks of ‘freedom’ remember carefully this latest episode and know that while he sits and offers what on the surface seem words of support for Tibetans in Tibet  he is hiding behind a phrase that is a smokescreen, concealing the reality that he is not committed  to the cause that Tibetans are sacrificing so much for, but to securing a condition of autonomy under Chinese rule. That is what the Central Tibetan Administration means when it says ‘freedom for Tibetans’!

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Can Doctor Lobsang Sangay Escape These Charges?


Following extremely serious charges  SEE HERE placed before Doctor Lobsang Sangay’s office by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a Press Statement See HERE bearing the name of Mr. Lobsang Choedak has today been issued that partially responds to the allegations made by the Congressman. Significantly though this curiously unsigned statement evades entirely the charge that some ‘Tibetan leaders’ have been “cutting a deal with a corrupt and despotic regime”. Why?

Apart from refuting other criticisms made by Congressman Rohrabacher, it is also careful to include the following assertion on Radio Free Asia (RFA):

“RFA Tibetan Service was established to provide truthful and objective service to Tibetans particularly to listeners in Tibet deprived of unbiased and timely news and information”. (Emphasis Added)

This is an important statement in that it brings into question the Tibetan reportage of RFA which consistently features China’s propaganda terminology, in describing Tibet, its regions and people. A key question which is being somewhat overlooked in the heat and smoke surrounding this controversy is why for a number of years has RFA presented such a bias and willingly featured China’s disinformation? Just how truthful, objective and unbiased is it of Radio Free Asia to describe a Tibetan, who self-immolates in Labrang in Amdo region of occupied Tibet as ‘ethnic Tibetan self-immolated in a Tibetan area of Qinghai province’?

These, and other pressing questions remain unanswered, such as why has Doctor Lobsang Sangay not issued a signed, official statement which addresses  all the allegations made by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher? An unsigned press release is less than reassuring and hardly an appropriate or detailed response. Given the importance of this matter Tibetans have the right to expect a full and transparent public response from Doctor Sangay, anything else is simply political escapology.

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Life In The West Or ‘Autonomy’ Under China?


Lobsang Sangay, who precisely is the ‘we” you repeatedly refer to when reciting the mantra that ‘we seek autonomy, we don’t want independence”? Tell us something else, those handful of exiled Tibetans who peddle this line, should China’s regime allow the cosmetic improvement you seek, will you and autonomy supporters be giving up the comforts of life in the West, in exchange for the dubious pleasure of life under Chinese rule? If not then what you and your Tibetan supporters are really promoting is ‘Autonomy under Chinese rule for Tibetans in Tibet’.

Yet as shown by decades of resistance and ongoing protests, collective and individual, Tibetans seek their national freedom! If you and those following the orthodoxy of the ‘Middle Way’ policy would not be relocating themselves and families away from the liberal freedoms enjoyed in exile, to a Tibet ruled by China, why are you enforcing an outcome upon  Tibetans living in occupied Tibet who clearly do not share your vision?

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‘Special Meeting’ To Rubber Stamp Further Appeasement Of China


Today has seen the start of yet another ‘Special Meeting’ convened by the exiled Tibetan Administration (formerly Exiled Tibetan Government) in which a staged exhibition of determined solidarity and unity of purpose, will predictably support its ongoing appeasement of China. It’s a strange form of democracy that would not be too unfamiliar to the late medieval courts of Italy or France, there will be no genuine accountability or democratic determination based on a collective will of the people. Instead agreement will be reached by a carefully selected group of participants and attendees, the over-whelming majority of whom are loyal and uncritical followers of the presiding cabal.

The stated agenda of the meeting is too “To discuss ways and means to deal with the urgent and critical situation inside Tibet” however a fundamental and critical truth will receive barely a mention, one that lies at the very heart of the Tibetan issue. That, in occupied Tibet, the Tibetan people struggle against China’s tyranny to demand their rightful independence. In exile however the Tibetan Administration (CTA) the body which has arranged this meeting, is seeking a dangerous compromise with China, in which Tibetan nationhood and independence is surrendered in exchange for a so-called autonomy. A solution that would see Tibetans  remain under China’s vicious rule with cosmetic improvements in terms of cultural or other rights. This insane proposal is fiercely advocated by the CTA, while acutely aware  that their compatriots in Tibet are struggling for independence, it is also forced upon exiled Tibetans through manipulating and exploiting traditional Tibetan societal values. This process has resulted in an orthodoxy, a dogma  entirely intolerant of any dissenting voice, particularly those expressing support for Tibetan independence.We can therefore expect that the ongoing violations and suffering of Tibetans under Chinese rule will be used as a pretext to advocate the justification and urgency of current efforts to seek a negotiated solution with China’s regime, on the basis of the proposals featured in the so-called Memorandum On Meaningful Autonomy For Tibetans

This ‘Special Meeting’ is therefore effectively little more than a rubber-stamping exercise, to affirm what has proved a failed ‘policy’ of seeking compromise with China (a fact conceded by no less than Kundun during a US TV interview). It is no exaggeration to state that such a strategy, which is doomed to further surrender to Chinese demands, is a betrayal of the political aspirations of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, who seek not autonomy or compromise with China’s regime, but the national independence of Tibet. Yet the political elite of Dharamsala ignore that reality and impose their desperate capitulations upon the Tibetan people, hiding behind a cynical facade of democratic process.

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Exiled Tibetan Prime Minister Acknowledging Tibetans Are Chinese?

Lobsang Sangay


Lobsang Sangay was elected from within the exiled Tibetan community to the post of Prime Minister and travels the world articulating what he and his Administration consider to be the objectives of Tibet’s cause. What this urbane and media aware spokesperson chooses not to mention in his numerous interviews is the reality that the message he peddles is at complete variance with the political struggle being waged inside occupied Tibet. Not only that but the strategy which his declarations endorse, known as the Middle Way policy, has been conceded by the Dalai Lama as a failure. That sobering truth however has not prevented Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues from continuing to flog a very dead yak in their efforts to appease China’s leadership to return to what have proved utterly failed negotiations over Tibet.

His latest comments, featured in Foreign Policy again betray the common aspiration of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, who face China’s tyranny to demand their rightful independence, while in the air-conditioned comfort of Washington Lobsang was  assuring a reporter of The Cable that:

“If Tibet is granted autonomy, that could be a catalyst for moderation of China because if the Chinese government grants autonomy to Tibetans, for the first time they are accepting diversity within and accepting a distinct if not different people, (Emphasis Added)

This comment might be misread by some as the exiled Tibetan Minister implying Tibetans are in fact Chinese and belonging to the one big happy nation of the Motherland? Such a concession would not be entirely surprising given the record of dangerous surrender and appeasement which has characterized the efforts of the exiled Tibetan Administration in seeking compromises from China. Later in the same interview he claimed:

We are asking for genuine autonomy within China, within the framework of the Chinese constitution. We are not challenging Chinese sovereignty or territorial integrity so we are willing to accept the One China concept,” (Emphasis Added)

Precisely who is Lobsang Sangay referring to when he talks of “we”? Clearly not those Tibetans who have for decades resisted China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet to demand independence. Nor is he speaking for Tibetans who self-immolate and have distributed leaflets calling for Tibetan independence, shouted slogans calling for the same, or as occurred on June 20 having doused themselves in gasoline and set themselves ablaze held aloft the symbol of Tibetan independence, the national flag of Tibet.

The exiled Tibetan Administration knows very well that Tibetans seek national freedom, a fact recognized on a number of occasions by the Dalai Lama, it is fully aware too of the stream of detailed accounts emerging from Tibet that documents protests, collective and individual that have as a central demand Tibetan independence. However this heartfelt and common aspiration is callously ignored in the pursuit of securing a condition of so-called autonomy in which Tibet’s rightful cause for nationhood is abandoned and Tibetans would remain under China’s bloody maw.