Appeasing China, Demonstrations, Tibet

Life In The West Or ‘Autonomy’ Under China?


Lobsang Sangay, who precisely is the ‘we” you repeatedly refer to when reciting the mantra that ‘we seek autonomy, we don’t want independence”? Tell us something else, those handful of exiled Tibetans who peddle this line, should China’s regime allow the cosmetic improvement you seek, will you and autonomy supporters be giving up the comforts of life in the West, in exchange for the dubious pleasure of life under Chinese rule? If not then what you and your Tibetan supporters are really promoting is ‘Autonomy under Chinese rule for Tibetans in Tibet’.

Yet as shown by decades of resistance and ongoing protests, collective and individual, Tibetans seek their national freedom! If you and those following the orthodoxy of the ‘Middle Way’ policy would not be relocating themselves and families away from the liberal freedoms enjoyed in exile, to a Tibet ruled by China, why are you enforcing an outcome upon  Tibetans living in occupied Tibet who clearly do not share your vision?

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