Can Doctor Lobsang Sangay Escape These Charges?


Following extremely serious charges  SEE HERE placed before Doctor Lobsang Sangay’s office by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a Press Statement See HERE bearing the name of Mr. Lobsang Choedak has today been issued that partially responds to the allegations made by the Congressman. Significantly though this curiously unsigned statement evades entirely the charge that some ‘Tibetan leaders’ have been “cutting a deal with a corrupt and despotic regime”. Why?

Apart from refuting other criticisms made by Congressman Rohrabacher, it is also careful to include the following assertion on Radio Free Asia (RFA):

“RFA Tibetan Service was established to provide truthful and objective service to Tibetans particularly to listeners in Tibet deprived of unbiased and timely news and information”. (Emphasis Added)

This is an important statement in that it brings into question the Tibetan reportage of RFA which consistently features China’s propaganda terminology, in describing Tibet, its regions and people. A key question which is being somewhat overlooked in the heat and smoke surrounding this controversy is why for a number of years has RFA presented such a bias and willingly featured China’s disinformation? Just how truthful, objective and unbiased is it of Radio Free Asia to describe a Tibetan, who self-immolates in Labrang in Amdo region of occupied Tibet as ‘ethnic Tibetan self-immolated in a Tibetan area of Qinghai province’?

These, and other pressing questions remain unanswered, such as why has Doctor Lobsang Sangay not issued a signed, official statement which addresses  all the allegations made by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher? An unsigned press release is less than reassuring and hardly an appropriate or detailed response. Given the importance of this matter Tibetans have the right to expect a full and transparent public response from Doctor Sangay, anything else is simply political escapology.

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4 thoughts on “Can Doctor Lobsang Sangay Escape These Charges?”

    1. Namgyal thanks for your opinion, there are serious questions still unanswered by both Doctor Sangay AND Radio Free Asia which need to be addressed

  1. Both RFA and our democratically elected Prime Minister has answered these allegations. Now it is up to the allegators to provide evidence. Or else, this case dies here.

    1. Thanks Tashi for offering your opinion. In truth what has been presented is not an official statement signed by Doctor Sangay, but an unsigned Press Statement, that features the name of another Tibetan officer and a contact telephone number. That does not in any meaningful sense contitute a detailed or formal response from Sikyong to the very disturbing allegations made. Important also to realize that Press Statement has avoided entirely the charge that Tibetan ‘leaders’ have ‘cut a deal’ with China’s Regime. So you see questions do indeed remain,as they do most surely for Radio Free Asia, principally regarding its promotion of China’s propaganda in its reports on Tibet, which have been very ably exposed by @AnonymousTibet. Why is a largely Tibetan staffed section of RFA, formerly headed by someone claimed to be an advocate of Rangzen and utterly dedicated to Tibet, generating reports which are saturated with China’s key propaganda terms? Who would most benefit politically from using RFA as a conduit from such distortions?

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