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Many will be unaware that Tibet has been been a free and independent nation for over two millenia before China invaded in 1950. The fact of it’s national freedom was noted by very early travellers and later map-makers from the 17th Century onwards, who showed clearly Tibet as a distinct territory with its own national boundaries (as seen on these maps to the North or North-East Of India). This record is an important statement testifying to the veracity of Tibetan claims, that their land was a sovereign nation and not a part of China. The following selection of antique maps reveal that truth and we would invite you to share these, or post upon your Blog, Site, or Facebook page as an action of support For Tibet. You can download these PDF files on the links below. Thank you.

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Circa 1704 Map Showing Tibet

1774 World Map Showing Tibet

1787 World Map Showing Tibet

1790 World Map Showing Tibet

1801 World Map Showing Tibet

1869 South Asian Map Showing Tibet

 1905 World Map Showing Tibet

1906 World Map Showing Tibet

1911 World Map Showing Tibet

1915 Map Of Asia Showing Tibet

 1926 World Map Showing Tibet

1941 US Military Academy Map Showing Tibet

1942 World Map Showing Tibet

Editorial Note: Grateful appreciation to @tibettruthFR for her research in locating these maps which are available in various avenues of the Internet. We received recently a communication on our featuring them, the wording and tone of which though unhelpful, was appreciated in emphasizing the importance of copyright. To what degree that applies to the antique maps above is a matter of debate, while those from the 20th Century may have seen an expiration of copyright a transfer, or been resold to individuals or companies unknown. It’s a complex area, made more so since the advent of the Internet and Digital Media. This Blog nor Tibettruth asserts copyright over these and they are included on a non-commercial basis in the context of ‘Fair Use’ for reasons of research, education, and scholarship.

20 thoughts on “Maps Of Tibet”

  1. Esto demuestra la existencia de Tibet como nación independiente antes de ser invadida por China.

  2. Gracias por hacer esta compilacion de mapas de Tibet. Ahora puedo mostrar a mis amigos como era mi nacion antes de que invadaron los comunistas.

  3. Why british is not recognising Tibet as sovereign and Shimla Accord as legal…. If its not legal… why british called Tibet to sign the treaty back than as sovereign and now claims the opposite way…..the most bizzare historical acts…. I am politically ashamed of the those who forget Human right….. Personally i hate politics.. but i support for Human Rights…..

    1. Hypocrisy and treachery are well known aspects of British foreign policy, the truth is, as you rightly imply, the British know very well that Tibet was an independent nation. However from the beginning they chose not to declare that reality, and have been appeasing China for many years.

    1. Hello, thank you for your courtesy in making that request, please feel free to use that particular map and best wishes for your thesis. Perhaps you may include as a reference a link to our site/map

  4. So does this website, tibettruth, actually own the rights to the 1942 map? Somehow I doubt it.

    1. Dear ‘Doubtful’ please note that the Site does not feature any statement asserting copyright over the antique maps featured on this page. The inquiry above from one of our visitors, seeking permission to use a map, was made as a gesture of courtesy, to which we replied in kind, not as any affirmation of ‘ownership’. Now please go troll elsewhere!

  5. Hi!
    It’s really marvellous that you have provided ancient maps of Tibet. I do appreciate it, as I like old maps a lot and I love Tibet. Thank you!
    I have got a remark though.
    It seems that as far as Europe is concerned, this map dates back to before 14th Century. I know this, because my country, Bulgaria, is shown as part of the Byzantine empire. In 19th century both Bulgaria and what we know as Greece today were still under Turkish Igo until 1878. The Byzantine empire did not exist back then as such.
    As far as I see, it shows the route of explorers from the 13th century, which I suppose puts the correct date to the map and probably to the Tibetan boundaries on it.

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