Xinhua Injects Deadly Paranoia Into Gullible Media

As large numbers of Han Chinese colonists have reportedly gathered Thursday September 3 on the streets of Urumchi, capital of East Turkestan, communist China’s propaganda machine, Xinhua is busy selling the story to largely uncritical international media outlets, that the cause of the protests involve a spate of syringe-stabbings supposedly containing an unknown virus,0,1562765.story?track=rss

What a master stroke of invention, associating the current, unfounded, anxiety about viruses with Uyghur dissent, to create a distorted image of terror and violence, naturally the innocent victims are the colonising Han Chinese  population.  Perhaps communist China’s masters of deception have been taking lessons from the previous US Administration, which extracted much political advantage and control from the curious and largely fabricated anthrax scares which a similarly gullible media consumed as fact?

That is not to say there are not deadly toxic substances inside East Turkestan, thanks to communist China’s nuclear testing in the region’s Taklamakan desert, the waters, soils and food supplies have been forever contaminated with a  cocktail of highly radioactive elements

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