Urumchi Under Chinese Jack-Boot

No Bullets And Electric Batons Crushed This Han Chinese Protest
No Bullets And Electric Batons Crushed This Han Chinese Protest


Urumchi, capital of East Turkestan (renamed as Xinjiang Autonomous [sic] Region by communist China following its forced annexation in 1949) is under martial law following protests by Han Chinese colonists at alleged syringe attacks. Earlier reports had suggested a virus had been injected into some people  http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/09/03/china.stabbings/index.html?eref=edition_asia  although that remarkable and unverified assertion eminated via communist China’s official news agencies, hardly purveyors of factual reporting, propaganda being more their line-of-work.

In the wake, of what appeared to be orchestrated demonstrations; which on this occasion were not crushed by bullets and electric batons, the Chinese flag-wavers melted away from so-called People’s Square, having called for the departure of  the region’s Communist Party chief,  Wang Lequan.

The streets are now reportedly deserted, watched over by the usual lines of jack-booted paramilitary police, the same forces responsible for untold  killings of Uyghurs following an originally peaceful protest on July 5.

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3 thoughts on “Urumchi Under Chinese Jack-Boot”

  1. I condemn BBC, because it says at its website i the events that happened last month 200 Chinese killed. It is a big lie and BBC is not a news agency, I think BBC is a lier politician.

    1. Thank you for your comment, you are correct to say that the communist Chinese regime manipulates and deceives.

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