Fact-Free Tibet Visit

Ivan Lewis, English Foreign Office Minister Visits Lhasa
Ivan Lewis, English Foreign Office Minister Visits Lhasa


An English Foreign Office minister, Ivan Lewis, is visiting Tibet this week for talks with communist Chinese regional authorities, in what has been described by the Foreign Office as a  fact-finding mission (Editor’s Note: not much opportunity to secure any independent or factual information within occupied Tibet, only the propaganda distortions on offer by the communist regime).  He will be visiting the Tibetan capital, Lhasa and according to a FCO spokesperson:

“He is also going to engage with the regional authorities in Tibet and explore at first hand the political, economic, social and cultural situation of Tibetans there.”

On this basis presumably Mr. Lewis will return to London with suitcases full-of-information that document the oppression and violence waged upon the Tibetan people, the forced sterilizations,  labor-camps, environmental  destruction, forced relocation of Tibetan nomads into concentration camps, the torture of political prisoners and brutal denial of political and civil freedoms. Will he address the Houses of Parliament to report on such findings, or can we expect a timorous critique that carefully avoids such issues, on the flawed reasoning that so-called constructive engagement with communist China will moderate and encourage and improvement in human rights?

If you would like to ask Mr.Lewis about his ‘findings’ email him at ivanlewis@burysouth.fsnet.co.uk

or direct any questions to his Facebook page @ Ivan Lewis

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