Tear Gas For Han-Bullets for Uyghurs

Tear Gas Used To Disperse Han-Chinese Colonists in Urumchi
Tear Gas Used To Disperse Han-Chinese Colonists in Urumchi


As unrest by Han Chinese protestors continues to bring Urumchi to a standstill it is becoming clear that communist Chinese security forces appear to operate two forms of response  to demonstrations in East Turkestan. One currently being exercised in which non-lethal techniques are employed http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/news-186202-chinese-police-break-up-angry-crowds-near-party-hq.html   using public appeals, tear-gas, and crowd control manouevers, and a more aggressive strategy. Reserved for any dissent shown by Uyghurs, which involves excessive physical force, deployment of electric batons; and as tragically revealed by events on July 5, using machine guns.

Observing the scenes which have emerged from Urumchi the past few days and noting the curious reports which have sought to explain events (all having been originated or vetted by communist Chinese agencies) it’s difficult not consider if China’s covert hand is organizing these protests.  Particularly when examining the supposed grievances expressed by Han Chinese protestors (or should that more accurately be ‘rioters’ and ‘criminals’?). These are it seems a demand for justice (not much chance of that inside communist China or occupied territories such as East Turkestan) to be served upon those Uyghurs arrested following the events of July, an objective which just happens to converge with the political show-trial China has planned for the sentencing of these unfortunate, and most likely largely innocent Uyghurs. There has been some international calls for a fair and proper trial, with the recent scenes on Urumchi’s streets as some form of mandate,  Beijing can choose too ignore and deflect such appeals by claiming domestic public demand, and the need for regional stability [sic] overrides any foreign concerns. 

The other issue which Chinese protestors conveniently press is for the communist Regime to restore order, how coincidental that such a demand be taken to the streets of Urumchi, at a time when even more repressive measures are being planned and implemented againt Uyghurs in their land.

Lastly we have the bizarre paranoia of syringe attacks (again we must stress that these accounts have been sourced to and screened by communist China’s news agencies, therfore their reliability and veracity is open to critical scrutiny) which if we are to accept China’s Ministry of Deception, Xinhua, have targetted only Han Chinese. More extraordinary have been the reports which assert that some deadly virus has been used, a scare story guaranted to create panic and anger among a Chinese population, still traumatized by the spectre of SARS and HIV Aids and more lately the unfounded anxieties of H1N1. According to a CNN  it seems that the communist Chinese authorities had been texting people informing them that the needles contained some unknown virus


“Another woman said the stabbings were ethnically motivated and that government text messages to citizens have warned that the syringes contained an unknown disease

While a previous unamed source informed CNN on Thursday September 3 that:

“People are protesting here right now. It’s all Han people,” he said, declining to give his name because of safety reasons. “Since August 3, the Uyghurs have been stabbing the Hans [sic] with needles with an unknown virus. People are all very scared.”


Now why would the communist regime wish to intimidate and manipulate Han Chinese colonizers to take-to-the streets of Urumchi, waving the communist flag, calling for punishment for Uyghurs,  and demanding order and control?

Thanks to Bilal for helpful information on this

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