Needles, Injustice and Lies

In mockery of fair legal process three Uyghurs were given prison sentences  following their appearance at what seemed little more than a show trial held in the capital of East Turkestan (so-called Xinjiang Autonomus [sic] Region) Urumchi September 12.

The three were charged with carrying out so-called syringe attacks, reports of which were controlled and sourced to communist China’s propaganda agencies. A number of questions surround the communist Chinese claims that Uyghurs carried out such assaults, and the story carries all the hallmarks of a covert attempt to create fear and unrest among the Han Chinese community against Uyghurs for political purposes.

There were reported accounts quoted by western news agencies that the communist authorities were behind such stories, with one witness stating that the Communist Regime were sending mobile texts to Han Chinese about so-called unknown viruses being injected into people.

One 19 year old Uyghur, Yilipan Yilihamu, received fifteen years imprisonment for what Xinhua (Communist China’ Ministry of Deception) claimed was “Spreading false dangerous substances” . Muhutaerjiang Turdi (aged 34) received 10 years, and Aimannisha Guli (aged 22) was given seven years for supposedly robbing a taxi driver by threatening with a syringe.

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