Regional TYC Action In Pittsburgh

Chalo Pittsburg!

Minnesota’s RTYC, SFT, RTWA and TAFM are jointly working to participate in protest events in Pittsburg, PA during September 24 & 25. Leaders of the world are converging for the G20 Summit,  including those of the communist Chinese government.

Let’s protest against the totalitarian regime of China which illegally occupies Tibet, shows no remorse in clamping down hard on Tibetans, objects and protests which ever country HHDL visits. Let’s make G20 meeting participants know that the communist Chinese government  must be held accountable for their ruthless action in Tibet, East Turkestan, Mongolia and even in China.

We are co-ordinating with Pennsylvania Tibetan Association and RTYC-NY/NJ to learn details, which will be shared with you as they become available. If you are interested in going, please let us know at the earliest. We have a bus reserved which costs us about $7000. Deadline to reserve your seat is September 20.

Here is the tentative Plan:
Minneapolis – Pittsburg – about 12hr drive

Bus leaves TCCC: 12.00 PM September 23 (Wednesday)

Protest Events: Thursday & Friday

Departs from Pitt: Friday Evening

MPLS Arrival: Early Saturday

Contact any RTYC members to sign up.

Please also help to forward this email to others that are not in our mailing list.

Your support is really appreciated.

On behalf of RTYC, SFT, TAFM & RTWA

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