Money Talks Ease Hu’s Discomfort

As the elite military and economic powers sit down to fine wines and political hypocrisy within the United Nations today, and the Pittsburgh G20 event,  a report issued by an Amercian study group, with seeming close links with the current US Administration, is calling for a new and more meaningful relationship betwen the US and communist China  No doubt the findings of this document will soothe the somewhat fevered brow of Hu Jintao, who is facing ongoing protests from Tibetans and their supporters, calling for justice human rights and independence for Tibet.

The charmingly named  Center for a New American Security drawing upon the wisdom of a number of prominent academics, announced today (September 22) that the prime direction of the new policy should be “China should not be treated as a threat.” It urges that as communist China’s influence is expanding globally the United States, consequently, “should make a concerted effort to engage China as a major partner in confronting global problems.” No doubt their findings have been somewhat guided by the fact that with bilateral trade between the two states exceeded $409 billion this year. A subject that above all else will dominate discussions at Pittsburgh.

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