Women-Property Of China’s Communist Regime

In rural villages, the Chinese Government’s One Child policy is enforced with the “Three Examinations,” which check women for use of contraceptive rings, pregnancy, and illness—a practice that is hostile and abhorrent to women.

1. The woman is stripped naked for an external physical examination. Her abdomen is pressed to determine if there is any pregnancy, and her breasts are kneaded and squeezed to see if breast milk comes out. Often there are mothers who have no more breast milk.

2. The uterus is checked for the presence of a contraceptive ring.

3. Using a vaginal mirror, the appearance of the vagina is examined. (This part of the procedure is often omitted in poor villages since each vaginal mirror costs 5 RMB). If the vaginal folds appear to be new, this is taken as evidence of either a recent birth or miscarriage. In the case of a miscarriage, proper proof must be provided. If it was a birth, an investigation is launched on the legality of the birth under the terms of the One Child Policy.

Extracts from  a report from Women’s Rights In China Damning Exposé Of China’s Coercive Population Program

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