Memo To China’s Useful Idiots

There exist an interesting minority of folks who appear uncritical believers of China’s propaganda line on Tibet as some supposedly backward and oppressed culture,  ruled over by an exploitative elite (sound familiar America?). Subscribers to that thinking may consider (in asserting that view) themselves as firmly planted upon an objective middle ground.  Positioned between the odious realities of China’s rule in Tibet and the alternative narrative offered by those dismissing such as crude propaganda. That position though is a delusion, as with tyranny and the illegal occupation of a nation, there is no ‘golden mean’ of understanding.

Nor is China’s invasion of Tibet, and subsequent vicious assault upon  Tibetan culture, justified by arguments drawn from colonialist attitudes, concealing the expansionist aggression and injustices of the invading imperialists with a hogwash of lies about improving the lot of the ”natives’! The same ‘reasoning’ would no doubt be used by the ignorant or misinformed in defense of the treatment dished out to the  indigenous peoples of Canada or Australia.

While  injustices and corruption occured in Tibet, when assessing the misery, death, oppression and atrocities generated by communist Chinese ideology, with the Buddhist culture of Tibet, it is difficult not to warm towards the Tibetan people. That does not claim any perfect society but one that cannot, unlike communist China be held responsible for the deaths of untold millions.

2 thoughts on “Memo To China’s Useful Idiots

  1. Few in the west would support independence for Tibet just so it would go back to its theocracy ways. The Dalai Lama, for example, mentions democracy when every he can. Reminding the world that Tibet was a Theocracy is not propaganda. That is history.

    1. Your comments have been featured, if only to illustrate a fine example of fallacious reasoning, as the post in question is not arguing for any particular system of political/social structure. Any future model of governance is the right of Tibetan people to determine, the subject of historic Tibet is largely irrelevant, and whatever injustices Tibetans may have experienced (which are a pale shadow of the oppression forced upon European populations during the period of Industrialzation, or indeed the horrors of China’s social experiments, that caused the agonizing deaths of millions) China has no legitimacy in invading and subsequently occupying Tibet, a formerly independent nation. A future Tibet will be democratic and free of China’s vicious tyranny, an objective we hope anyone of integrity and compassion would support.

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