Women’s NGOs & UNCSW Set To Again Ignore China’s Forced Sterilizations

Women’s NGOs Convene At UN-New York


The United Nations Commuission on the Status Of Women (UNCSW) is readying itself for its 56th Session which opens on February 27, an event that attracts women activists and NGOs worldwide, who descend upon New York to celebrate sisterhood and rights for women. An important and just cause. Unfortunately behind the rhetoric and solidarity this gathering conceals a current of ideologies and political agenda that effectively censor any prospect of a major human rights issue from ever featuring on thre CSW program. We refer to China’s forced sterilizations, yet the UNCSW and its Non-Governmental colleagues have maintained a wall of silence on the subject and repeatedly declined to debate or examine this disturbing subject.

Throughout what will be some two weeks of  debate, lobbying, presentations and keynote speeches by honoured governmental representatives, this major violation of women’s human rights will be be entirely absent! It would appear that Women’s NGO’s and the CSW are callously indifferent toChina’s coercive population control policies and the plight of their sisters in China (or those in occupied Tibet and East Turkestan who are also subjected to the horrors of forced sterilizations). Which have resulted in countless numbers of women being forcibly sterilized. This issue is consistently ignored by those who claim to the champions of women’s human rights and once again will not feature, at either the UNCSW Sessions itself, or parallel events. Details of which, curiously, are not being posted thus far here  

A worrying indication of the apathy towards violations generated by China’s coercive population program is illusttrated by an action conducted by the folks at @tibettruth who since October 20, 2010 regularly posted a tweet on the silence of women’s NGOs to a report by Al Jazeera that documented forced abortions in China.

This featured the  case of a young woman forcibly aborted 8 months in her pregnancy! See Video Here In the 482 days (and counting) that followed not one message of condemnation was received from women’s organizations, many of who whom will be in attendance in New York for the forthcoming UNCSW.

Feminism's Flag Of Choice On China

We shall be monitoring this event very closely and some of our volunteers will be reporting from the UNCSW and associated NGO events so do follow @tibettruth for updates, lobbying actions and information

2 thoughts on “Women’s NGOs & UNCSW Set To Again Ignore China’s Forced Sterilizations

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    1. Hello, Prettyzoely, thanks for taking the time to contribute to our reports on this worrying issue. We are grateful to you for your interest and concern and would be happy to feature your view regarding China’s medical atrocities and their harrowing impact upon women, in terms of human rights and also for Tibet, the troubling effect in terms of a stable Tibetan population level. Hope you understand that as the replies you presented were from colleagues who run our Twitter account, we have not included them, as the issues they raise are reflected already in our reports here. If there is any contribution of yours on this subject we would be pleased to include it.

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