UNCSW Appoints Chinese Official While Silent On Forced Sterilizations

The United Nations Commission on the Status Of Women (UNCSW) an organization that refuses to utter a word of criticism or condemnation against China’s program of forced sterilizations has fallen to greater depths in appointing to its Working Group on Communications a paid up member of China’s Communist Party!

Ms Li Xiaomei, attached to China’s United Nations permanent Mission as first secretary, has been recently been appointed, just in time for the forthcoming 56th Session of the UNCSW, which will once more make no reference to China’s human rights against women. No doubt Ms Xiaomei will be encouraged by such silence, and like her new colleagues, and Women’s NGOs, possesses a delusional mindset that refuses to accept the harrowing reality of women across China (and occupied Tibet and East Turkestan) being tied onto tables to be forcibly sterilized.

The degree of denial held by Ms Xiaomei is illustrated by her recent claim that:

 “China always attaches great importance to the critical role of international human rights instruments in promoting and protecting human rights” (Ms Li Xiaomei at UN October 18, 20011)

Such is the venality of mind within the UNCSW and among many Women’s NGOs that while such baseless propaganda is uncritically accepted, and China’s officials welcomed within the ranks of the Commission On The Status Of Women, the same organization ignores entirely documented reports of violations resulting from China’s coercive population program. It is an appalling example of censorship and stomach-churning hypocrisy that those who shall gather in New York to attend the 56th Session of the UNCSW, to defend and promote rights for women, do so in the knowledge they are silent on China’s mass forced sterilizations!

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