An Appeal To Exiled Tibetans-Speak Out For Palestine!

Gaza Facing Lethal Aerial Assault


We have raised this before and are not afraid to do so again, ‘Do exiled Tibetans and in particular their Administration, not have more in common with Palestine and its cause, than with Israel?

An oppressed, brutalized people are denied, by overwhelming military force, their human rights and national freedom, that must sound familiar to Tibetans, right? But we are referring here to the Palestinians, who as Tibetans read this post are being subjected to a massive air-strike, maiming and killing women, children and men. This genocidal crime, and that is surely what it is, to rain down high explosives upon civilians who are effectively within a prison (Gaza) would not be possible without the military, economic, moral and political support of the USA. The very nation to whom Tibetans in exile appeal to for support in their own struggle for human rights and freedom. Surely, it is time that people stepped beyond the harrowing limits of their own plight and expressed solidarity and active support towards those who also are violently denied their independence and basic human rights. Come on Tibetans show some unity with Palestine!

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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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8 thoughts on “An Appeal To Exiled Tibetans-Speak Out For Palestine!”

  1. Shameful reporting! You make no moral distinction between attack and defense. You parrot the biased line of the mainstream media whose treatment of the Arab/Israeli conflict is grotesquely skewed in favour of Hamas which has sworn to eliminate Israel. To compare us Tibetans with Arab terrorists is sickening.

    1. Firstly, thank you for your comments, vitriol and fallacy apart your remarks are welcomed. Unfortunately your words seem to be addressing some prejudice or ideology of your own, as the item posted simply raises a valid question in terms of comparing the plight (note not methodology of the resistance). In that context of course no analogy is ever perfect and there a number of key differences between the two issues, along with the international support they attract. That said please understand that the post relates, not to the political leadership, or history or nature of the respective struggles of Palestine or Tibet but to a fundamental appeal. That is humanitarian in nature and raises an important question, one that your inflamed reaction fails to recognize. If you re-read the post you may realize that the question actually presented was; Do exiled Tibetans and in particular their Administration, not have more in common with Palestine and its cause, than with Israel? It was within that context that similarities were considered, in the comparison itself. Now it is obvious that Tibetans and Palestinians, do indeed suffer similar injustices, endure the challenges of being refugees in exile, are denied their lands and face oppression from a neighboring miltary bully. As our friends on Facebook noted “No one is asking for anything other than some solidarity towards a people, who as these words are being written are cowering for their lives in Gaza as US bombs rain upon them released by Israeli pilots.”. Given that Tibetans have endured some very similar hardships and injustices to Palestinians is it that unreasonable to imagine a willingness to express some support? We hope that as someone presenting a Tibetan name your Buddhist insights will enable you to get beyond the pro-Israeli dogma that saturate your remarks. With such an attitude presumably you would have agreed with China’s Regime that in engaging in armed resistance Chushi Gandruk were terrorists?

    2. there are truly so many similarities between our struggle and the tibetan struggle .. we the palestinians are facing genocide and ethnic cleansing .. we are expelled from our homeland in favor of the creation of the jewish state of Israel .. it is horrific what is happening to us .. we the palestinians have been living on this land for thousands of years . and we are very proud of our arabic culture . but in the begging of the 20 century , jews from Europe started immigrating to palestine . and by the year 1948 , with the support of Europe and united states . a jewish state was created in our hime land . and that was the problem . you know what ? we the palestinians are more in number than the jews . so they are expelling as more palestinians from here as they can . to have their jewish state . its really shameful that you don’t acknowledge the justice of our cause . we the palestinians became refugees in other countries . like my self . my family has been expelled from jerusalem in 1948 .. and i am denied of entry there .. its become a dream for me to visit my home land .. i hope you all know well about us the palestinians before calling us terrorists .

      1. Malek, thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated and this Blog stands in solidarity with the good people of Palestine

  2. I totally disagree.
    1)The plight of Tibet has a qualitative difference with that of the Palestinians. No Palestinians state ever existed before the state of Israel was born in 1946. Tibet instead was there since 1913.
    2) Impossible to find where justice stands in the long fight between the two people. Justice has been lost along the road by both sides, the Israeli and the Palestinian.

    1. George are you familiar with the fallacy known as a ‘straw man argument’? This is what you seem to be engaging in with your response to our post. Again we are not talking about the clear political distinctions or histories in regard to Tibet and Palestine, we are referring to shared experiences of their peoples curently and over the last few decades. As such we simply posed what is a legitimate question and appealed for exiled Tibetans to show some solidarity. Questions of detail in terms of status, political history, nature of resistance or international reaction/support was not featured and certainly not the focus of our post, but then anyone reading carefully our comments could recognize that.

      1. George thanks for your comments, as they were a repeat in essence of your obvious pro-Israeli position it has been determined not to feature them, your views having been included previously. This topic is clear in its focus and we shall not tolerate anyone trolling, particularly when that seeks to excuse or conceal the suffering being waged upon innocent women and children in Gaza.

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