Exiled Tibetan Administration Admits Supporting Tibet’s ‘Freedom’ Is Not The Same As Advocating Independence


We have for some years now been reporting upon the reality that the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is actively engaged in a process of surrendering Tibet’s right to nationhood and independence. Some have sought to argue that the CTA is committed to freedom for Tibet and insisted that particular term is synonymous with independence, a claim we have challenged and exposed SEE HERE

The two words have distinct meanings indeed and Lobsang Sangay and his Administration use the phrase ‘freedom’ to mean something very different to Tibetan political and territorial sovereignty. When the CTA talks of supporting ‘freedom’ it most surely is not doing so in support the struggle being so bravely waged by Tibetans in occupied Tibet. Who, unlike the comfortable situation enjoyed by the elite cabal headed by Doctor Sangay, face China’s tyrannical regime to demand Tibetan independence. No! what the Central Tibetan Administration means to convey, via its frequent deployment of the word ‘freedom’ is an acceptance of Chinese rule. A so-called autonomy under Chinese rule. in other words what in reality would simply be an enslavement, albeit with the chains gold-painted!

Such is the inane policy and objective of Doctor Lobsang Sangay and the CTA, which ignores the common political aspiration of Tibet’s people, the majority of whom, as recognized for a long time by the Dalai Lama, seek nothing less than full independence. Yet China’s ever suspicious and paranoid regime has consistently rejected this political suicide note from the CTA, ironically as a disguised bid for independence (stifles laugh at that point) Now despite China’s emphatic and repeated rejection to this so-called Middle Way proposal, which was publicly acknowledged as having failed by no less than the Dalai Lama during a US television show) SEE HERE the CTA continues with this fossilized and failed strategy.

Here comes the science part. In a desperate attempt to dispossess China’s regime of its skepticism Doctor Sangay and the CTA have banished any mention of that ever so dirty word ‘independence; this is precisely why it uses the term ‘freedom’. A phrase more nebulous, with a variety of meanings in terms of politics and international law, including of course the very condition being sought after by the CTA, namely some version of autonomy. So fearful is the Central Tibetan Administration of the word independence that the following was issued on April 8, translated into English from SEE HERE

Important Circular dated April 8, 2013 from Gadhen Phodrang (Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama) based in India on Clarification on the word “Freedom” – both in Tibetan and English language.

Clarification on the word “Freedom”

It has been brought to our attention that during the recently concluded 5th session of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile at Dharamsala (March 16-18, 2013) one of the Honorable Parliamentarians made a statement in which he referred to His Holiness having composed prayers requesting the Tibetan spiritual protectors’ assistance in achieving “freedom” for the long suffering Tibetan people. The honorable parliamentarian (Chthui) then chose to reinterpret the word “freedom” as really meaning “independence” which, he asserted, was also what His Holiness meant,

This is an unjustified assertion.

We also understand that at that time the Honorable Speaker of the Parliament questioned the assertion and made a clarification. Although most people will not be misled by this mistaken assertion, we would like to make it clear that when His Holiness wrote about “freedom” for the long suffering Tibetan people, freedom is what he meant. We trust there is no room for further misinterpretation.

For the record, we therefore issue the following clarification:

The terms “freedom” (rang-wang) and “independence” (rang-tsan) are two separate words with quite different meaning. In his writings, His Holiness has consistently used the word, “freedom”.

His Holiness’ thoughts were clear in his prayer to the protector known as Gadong (15 July, 1999), when he wrote:

(Following) the path of non-violence is the way to live together in love and harmony;
The Middle Way Approach, which avoids the two extremes, is mutually beneficial.
Gather all your power and might to fulfill these means:
For creating a peaceful land without (resort to) frightful weapons.

Dated: 8 April, 2013.

Editor’s note: On previous occasions certain statements have curiously disappeared from the internet, so we are happy to advise the Central Tibetan Administration that we have archived copies of the statement above in Tibetan and English. To avoid any potential confusion or misunderstanding

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