Open Letter To The Vice-Chancellor Of University of Sydney


We have received an email response (May 29) from the Vice-Chancellors Office Of University Of Sydney regarding the growing concerns about Doctor Huang Jiefu, China’s forced extraction of organs from executed political and other prisoners, and the decision by the University to honor this Minister of China’s Regime. Here is our reply sent today.

Attention of Professor Stephen Garton
Acting Vice-Chancellor
University of Sydney

Dear Sir

Re: Doctor Huang Jiefu

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our communication, dated May 2, regarding the increasing international concern surrounding Doctor Huang Jiefu and his association with the University of Sydney. As you may have gathered from the media attention it has attracted, this is a matter of considerable concern to people around the word. As such we are making this reply to your office an open letter so as best to share our position with our own international subscribers and supporters. We are happy to feature a rejoinder from you should you wish.

We have read with interest and noted your comments, while we understand entirely your natural response to support your colleague what is more challenging to fathom is the remarkable degree of trust and credulity your remarks seem to show in favor of accepting the assurances and official comments from the Communist Party Of China, of which your colleague is perhaps a card carrying member. As a highly draconian and totalitarian regime you must surely be aware that China’s authorities operate upon a very different set of values to that aspired towards, or practiced partly at least, by more liberal and democratic states such as Australia.

As you will no doubt be aware there are number of deeply disturbing issues relating to China, the suppression of basic freedoms and gross violation of human rights. That is a matter of documented record. Included of course within that dark litany of abuse is an un-sleeping censorship and manipulation of information, as ever the tyrant conceals, obfuscates, dilutes, fabricates and distracts to best cover the odious excesses of his tyranny.

That China’s regime is economical with the truth is an understatement off any known scale, we only have to recall its denials regarding the massacre of Tienanmen Square in 1989 to appreciate the degree to which it will lie on issues of sensitivity. More recently companies such as Google and governments too are facing a flood of cyber-attacks, clearly emanating from China, yet denied with calm assurance by the Chinese authorities. Then of course we have the deeply troubling situation in Tibet, which the CCP explains away as a politically motivated myth, insisting that Tibetans are a contented and prosperous ‘ethnic minority’ under the tender rule of the ‘Motherland. The calumny of the imperialist.

Given such a record it is particularly difficult to understand how an academic institution such as University of Sydney, with its principles of human rights, democratic values and free speech, can seemingly be so willing to invest credibility in the well oiled assurances of the Communist Party of China, the ruling power in China’s Government.

Not since Leni Riefenstahl lovingly fashioned her propaganda celebrations of Nazi-Germany, or the film board of apartheid South Africa encouraged documentaries of the supposedly contented black populations of the townships, have we witnessed such a calculated machinery of deception as that operated by the Chinese authorities. Yet if we read your comments correctly it seems you accept without a scintilla of skepticism various assurances offered by China’s regime on the issue of organ harvesting from individuals executed by the Chinese state. What form of infatuation with China is exerting such an influence as to suspend your critical faculties towards an authority which is infamous for deceit?

Moreover on what basis, apart from the uncritical consumption of the cynical falsehoods served up by the Chinese officials, do you imagine that the horrific practice of forced organ extraction from political and other prisoners will be realized, under a regime that forcibly sterilizes women, operates a vast network of forced labor camps, brutalizes the occupied peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan and denies its own people genuine civil and political freedoms? From where do you draw your faith in such a corrupted and vicious regime?

Whatever the academic achievements or assertions made by Doctor Huang Jiefu he remains a Minister within the world’s most repressive and censorial regime, furthermore he is closely associated with a program that has been rightly criticized and opposed for abusing human and medical rights. As to the excuse that appears to justify your support for that individual, that he is involved in ‘reform’ within China, can you kindly advise us of what genuinely independent monitoring body is operating to evaluate the reality of such supposed advancements?

There remain serious questions surrounding Doctor Huang Jiefu and many people, including our own global supporters, activists and friends are troubled that the University Of Sydney is associating itself with this individual.



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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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10 thoughts on “Open Letter To The Vice-Chancellor Of University of Sydney”

  1. Thank you for this heartfelt and enlightening open letter. It is so clear and thorough it has moved me to tears for the reality we cannot deny. It is upsetting and very, very frightening. We know what to expect from the CCP, but, the Sydney University in the seat of democracy, so well regarded and polished engaged in collusion with organ harvesting, collusion with a murderous oppression is truly worse.
    The persecution of the Tibetan people by the communist regime has been beyond the grasp of the worlds people to help or save them. It is evil. You mention the precious 1.3 billion Chinese citizens that are also the victims of the worst evil in our time. The Falun Gong killed for organ harvesting in what is estimated to be nearer 100,0000s. Together with the Tibetans, Christians, and minority groups the death toll may well be in the millions. Now-a-days Chinese expatriates can tell their stories of what they have witnessed on the mainland. Persecution, genocide, all true. They cannot all be lying, the same reports over and over.
    Best to you. I hope you letter upsets everyone that reads it

  2. Yes…the good people of the world must unite and help our governments and institutions to stop turning a ‘blind eye’ to the truth. It seems they are putting a higher priority on finance and profit. This is betraying our humanity and our interconnectedness; betraying the heavens and all our futures. We have to return to our true moral values.

  3. BY retaining this man you are harbouring a hitler , how can the Sydney university employ this heartless butcher? There is no honour in your decision to protect these crimes against all of our humanity. There is a God and retribution will come to all those who protect this evil doer. Save yourselves ….before its too late

  4. Back in Nazi Germany, propaganda kept the eyes of the world blinded. Yet I wonder, if people had the chance to know the truth & thus stand against such atrocities being comitted against the jews, fellow humans , they would have done so. Yet it took time back then for people to realise the harsh realities of the holocaust. People still regard that period as tragic.
    What has & still is happening in china, is more foul & evil. CCP has total disregard for human, spirit & nature.
    Although nazi germany was bad, what it killed was the flesh. The ideology of CCP, that which it is bourne upon, is non- other than a spectre determined to destroy the spirit, along with the flesh. Any form of faith or belief, is set upon. To have ones own true thoughts outside of CCP doctorines, faces the Communist iron fist. It lacks Truthfulness. It lacks Compassion & it lacks Tolerance.. It is thus deemed Anti- Universe!!

    I was once told, cancer needs sugar to survive. Money & trade is like sugar to CCP. Any business or government should not be fooled by any outer appearance. The essence of CCP is nothing of a once true & noble China. It can only survive due to demand, supply & demand.
    Our understandings, values & perspectives need to change. Once we show the evil we no longer tolerate evil, it will end & hopefully a bright future lies ahead for one & all!!

    1. Dear Tony,

      Your letter is clear. Today as I petition for House Resolution 281 in my town in New England to stop American collusion with Forced Organ Harvesting in China, to stop the persecution of spiritual groups in China I will remind the people I talk with about the pattern of genocide in our time. The cruel death of the Tibetan people, the Falun Gong and many others continues today.
      Many people feel Tibet is out of their reach, that helping the precious Chinese people is out of reach. It is not. There is something each of us can do. Each of us has a choice to make.

      1.3 billion Chinese people would thank us if they could only know.

      Good concerned people must move into action and make their voices heard by their representatives at the federal level in Washington DC. Send letters, emails, visit Congresspersons in their offices in DC and in their homes during the recess. Never stop.

      All medical doctors can and should go onto the website Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting and apply for free professional membership. This is a worldwide NGO affiliated with Amnesty, Radio Free Asia, the ITTS and many others. Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting mission is to being awareness worldwide and help medical professionals avoid unwitting collusion with hidden human rights abuses coming out of China

      All people can go onto the website and sign the new petition to the UNHRC to investigate and warn the people of the world about the risk of medical tourism to China where prisoners of conscience are detained as a living body organ bank for Chinas massive transplant tourism industry. People going onto the mainland for medical organ transplants risk endemic disease and botched procedures behind the iron curtain in a known unethical situation where a prisoner is killed so that they may live.

      Hundreds of thousands of spiritual peoples and young dissidents are the definition of “prisoners” in China. It is unknown the exact numbers of those killed for their organs, but reliable sources estimated it to be over 100,000 is a resource for researchers, lawmakers and anyone interested in the evidence.

      Join us as we move forward with the goal of making every person in the world aware of forced organ harvesting in China.

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