Report Of Tibetan Self-Immolation In Kham Region

Breaking reports that today a Tibetan woman self-immolated in Tawo, Eastern region of Kham, occupied Tibet, against China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet. More details when available.

Latest Update

The Tibetan nun who set herself on fire in protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet on June 11 in Tawu region of Kham, eastern Tibet has been identified as 31-year-old Wangchen Dolma.
Although she is believed to have survived her fiery protest, there is no further information on her present condition. She is currently believed to be in a hospital in Dartsedo after Chinese security personnel arrested her from the protest site.

Thanks to Dossier Tibet

Meanwhile the region continues to under a paramilitary lock-down with local Tibetans besieged by Chinese stormtroopers


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