Banglalore Tibetans Betray Tibet’s True Cause

The body formerly known as Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Bangalore held a meeting Friday June 14, the agenda was not made publicly available, it was hoped that prominently placed would have been the matter of those within its ranks who recently declared they no longer support Tibet’s true cause for independence. Efforts by our friends over on Facebook, to establish if such individuals, had resigned were greeted throughout the day with silence.

Had they retained the slightest respect for the organization they would have immediately tendered their resignations from the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC). Unfortunately there appears to be little evidence that individual conscience is present within their membership, who announced late yesterday that RTYC Bangalore has changed its title to Bangalore TYC and adopted an objective of supporting the ‘Middle Way’ policy and carrying our social welfare projects. We hope they will enjoy their newly adopted role as uncritical supporters of a failed strategy that betrays the rights and hopes of Tibetans in occupied Tibet, who strive for their national freedom.

Meanwhile what of their continued use of the emblem and name of the Tibetan Youth Congress, an action that at best is confusing and likely to generate division? Perhaps that is the agenda which has been behind the actions of these individuals? Now which party would benefit most from moves that would seek to destabilize the TYC? The choices are clear either the Chinese authorities or the exiled Central Tibetan Administration!


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8 thoughts on “Banglalore Tibetans Betray Tibet’s True Cause”

  1. One should stop daydreaming like you are on a drug. I think those 8 biggest chapter are the real TYC. They are the people who have worked for TYC for 15 to 25 years. They are the one who is following TYC charter starting from Item number one. They are not like you who can’t differentiate between mother and a daughter. In the TYC charter, there is a reason why an item number one is one and fourth is fourth. Get it before you won’t even have a place or platform to fight for anything; forget Rangzen. An only thing matter to us is the TYC charter and His Holiness. I don’t care what a people like you think. Always negative without doing anything positive. Get a life or choose to support His holiness at least. Are you saying People like you and Dhondup Lhakdar are true Tibetan? You should be out of your mind if you are saying People like me and others who is just simply trying to follow His Holiness simple guidance completely are Chinese. That’s a good reason why I think you guys are worse than Chinese Dog. Don’t need anymore proof. Why are guys making it a Rangzen and middle way politic? WHY??? Without any doubt, it is about who has hurt TYC non stop for last 5 to 6 years and people like us who is trying to correct it or asking those responsible to take responsibility. It is also about who has hurt His Holiness and who is trying to follow His Holiness completely as per TYC charter item number FIRST. You guys will only follow His Holiness in words but nothing in action. It is very sad when young people like you who has received everything in life because of the blessing of His Holiness will act blind and deaf to His Holiness non stop speeches to Tibetan community everywhere in the world. It is indeed very sad to me and surely also to His Holiness. I know fully that I have no hope to make any sense to you. Handful of you guys are brain washed completely by people like Jamyang Norbu who has a long history of resentfulness with Tibetan administration and His holiness. Nobody can cure you guys. I just did my best with all the facts. When you follow guys like him even during a time when His Holiness is still alive, you are just speeding yourself to the gateway of hell and destruction. Nobody can save you son. If you guys can’t follow TYC charter and it’s first item, then you guys should freely leave TYC and join Jamyang Norbu and his org. The sad thing is You guys has always pick whatever in a His holiness speech, TYC charter and Samdhong Rinpoche speech and then act blind and deaf to all other things. Read the charter and ask people who founded TYC. You are just a baby who is fooled by sweet words of people like Jamyang Norbu. Sadly, you guys think you are educated, modern, independent and what not. Honestly, you guys are nothing close to that. Only thing you are close to in hell and destruction of Tibetan freedom struggle. Wake up when His Holiness is still with us. I beg u from the bottom of my heart. We can only do something for our cause and to our people in Tibet only by fully supporting His Holiness in action; not with words by playing dirty politics. WAKE UP before it’s too late. We need all Tibetan be united under His holiness completely. That’s the real solution to our cause. I can’t help you and people like you who is under the curse of Jamyang Norbu. Samdhong Rinpoche did mentioned in his speech that if org. can’t take care of the concerns of its chapter and its member, then it is natural to see a split or some going our their own way. He also mentioned that Org. stand can be changed according the wishes of its members. We all know with 100% confidence that very strong majority is still together. Most of them are not like you and Jamgyang Norbu barking dogs barking everywhere all the time. Most of us are calm and very quietly following His Holiness guidance completely. Let me also warn you that, when the day comes when our public wakes up, nobody can stop them, neither you nor Jamyang Norbu. Beware of that and try to be on the right side of history.

    1. Denpai, thank you for taking the time to offer your opinion, we have included your remarks, even though they are fairly abusive. It is a great pity that you cannot see past your obvious anger towards the brave people of Tibet, who unlike those within the former RTYC Bangalore, are struggling rightly for their national independence. An objective and aspiration long recognized by Kundun who rightly stated in March 1990 that:

      “It’s important for the Chinese authorities to recognize the true aspirations of the Tibetan people..virtually all Tibetans long for nothing less than full independence for our country” Dalai Lama March 10, 1990

      That aspiration remains as true and intensely sought in 2013 while you should also not confuse the cause of Tibet with His Holiness, as he correctly advised in 1991, and these words are offered for your serious appraisal

      “I have always stated that the central issue is that the Tibetan people must ultimately choose their own destiny. It is not for the Dalai Lama, and certainly not for the Chinese to make that decision. It should ultimately be the wishes of the Tibetan people that should prevail” (The Dalai Lama, Yale University, 9th October 1991).

      You see? The decision should not be one imposed by Kundun or the CTA but must be that of 6 million Tibetans. So ask yourself is that really being respected?

      Now as to to playing the ‘loyalty to Kundun and Middle Way card’ let us make this very plain, this time quoting the very words of the Kashag, who you are now so blindly loyal towards:

      “Hence, if any of those organisations (sic) and individuals who support the Middle-Way policy try to propagate this policy by saying that it is the expressed wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and so all should accept it, then they are simply spreading disinformation. We consider this as absolutely inappropriate and undesirable.” ‘Middle Way Policy and All Recent Related Documents’ Published 2010 by DIIR

      Of course you have every freedom to operate under the delusion that China’s blood-soaked tyranny will agree to the so-called ‘meaningful autonomy’ you now support, however any continuance at using the name of TYC or emblems linked to the organization are entirely unhelpful and will no doubt result in further confusion. As our article suggested such disturbance and trouble-making seems to have been a concealed intention of those who have betrayed the TYC in favor of submitting to Chinese rule.

  2. Aims and Objective of TYC

    1.To dedicate oneself to the task of serving one’s country and people under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual and Temporal Ruler of Tibet.

    2.To promote and protect national unity and integrity by giving up all distinctions based on religion, regionalism or status.

    3.To work for the preservation and promotion of religion and Tibet’s unique culture and traditions.

    4.To struggle for the total independence of Tibet even at the cost of one’s life.

    Tibet truth la, what’s your view regarding point 1 and point 4?

    Bangalore people really want to hear it out…

    1. Silverox.

      Well Article 1 look carefully and you will see the term ‘country’, right? That means a distinct land. Now ask yourself, does the MWA seek to establish Tibet as a ‘country’ or instead accept Chinese rule? If you are unsure then do listen again to the recent speech given by Doctor Lobsang Sangay in which he makes clear that he seeks not even democratic rights for Tibetans but asks only for the laws as dictated by China’s communist regime! Extract here:

      So in supporting the MWA and endorsing the strategy promoted by Doctor Sangay and his colleagues in truth you are working towards a surrender to Chinese rule only.

      Now clearly TYC when it refers to ‘country’ means precisely a land which is distinct, that enjoys its national freedom and is not ruled by an occupying regime.

      In that sense, those who have chosen to abandon Rangzen as a goal can be said to be accepting that China has a right to rule over Tibetans and are willing to comply to the laws of Communist China.

      The other key word of Article 1 is ‘guidance’, please note the meaning of that word, think about that for a moment. Now Kundun’s guidance is important for sure but take a while and consider when the TYC Article was first written, a time when His Holiness was not only the spiritual head of Tibet but its political leader and head of an Exiled Tibetan Government. That as you know has changed entirely.

      Now ‘guidance’ in the context of the Article is not an invitation, nor does it convey any right for members of TYC to openly challenge the objectives and consensus of the TYC, simply because there is reference to ‘…the guidance of His Holiness’. That would be an entirely selective and cynical interpretation of the meaning of Article 1.

      Lastly on the issue of ‘guidance’ of Kundun you should not choose to set up a false dichotomy by declaring that in not following the comments or opinion of His Holiness on the MWA is somehow disloyal or harmful. It is entirely possible for an individual to retain the highest of respect towards Kundun yet follow a different political ideology to that promoted by the MWA. This was made very clear indeed by a paper written by the Kashag in 2010 and published by the DIIR, which states:

      “Hence, if any of those organisations (sic) and individuals who support the Middle-Way policy try to propagate this policy by saying that it is the expressed wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and so all should accept it, then they are simply spreading disinformation. We consider this as absolutely inappropriate and undesirable.” ‘Middle Way Policy and All Recent Related Documents’ Published 2010 by DIIR

      With regard to Article 4 the wording as it stands reflects a basic yet profound truth of all struggles for national liberation. The regaining or establishment of freedom of a people and country requires sacrifice and often a willingness to lay down life. Presumably those who volunteer to join the TYC are aware of such realities and recognize that Tibet’s rightful independence will not be realized without at least an acceptance that such a task requires complete dedication and a sacrifice beyond personal considerations.

      Leaving such considerations apart it is disappointing that those who have misinterpreted circumstances and not given due weight to the meanings of what has been stated now find themselves unable to support Rangzen. In such conditions it would be much wiser and more honorable if they simply resigned, launched a new organization and dropped any association with the TYC, including the name and emblem. Let us hope dignity will prevail.

      1. What is so wrong if TYC drops down this line “under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual and Temporal Ruler of Tibet.”? Why is TYC being so coward?

      2. The TYC has every freedom and right to answer for itself, however what should be understood and respected is that any amendment to its Constitution and Objectives is reached through consensus and democratically. Meanwhile the issue of concern to this thread relates not to such internal amendments but the need for those individuals who no longer support Rangzen having the honor and integrity to withdraw their membership of the Tibetan Youth Congress.In addition that the group formerly known as RTYC Bangalore drops any association in name or emblem relating to the TYC.

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