The Message From Occupied Tibet

China’s regime has still not learned the lesson that repression is powerless when faced with the aspiration of a people, to regain their national independence, and so the tyranny is enforced, desperate measures by a corrupted and fearful authority to maintain control. Well after over six decades the genocidal assault upon Tibet has proved a singular failure in extinguishing Tibetan resistance to Chinese rule, indeed the struggle to assert Tibet’s rightful independence has over the years become more determined, sophisticated and widespread.

In the most recent case,that took place in Kardze in Kham Region of Occupied Tibet, reported by Dossier Tibet 

“Leaflets calling for Tibet’s independence from China have been found scattered on a mountain pass in Kardze prefecture, prompting a security crackdown and searches of Tibetan vehicles and dwellings in the area.The discovery five days ago came just two weeks after Chinese security forces fired on unarmed Tibetan worshipers marking the birthday of the Dalai Lama in the same prefecture, wounding several.On Monday, July 20, leaflets calling for Tibetan independence were found on Latsekha, a pass visited by travelers and located about 16 kilometers from Kardze town.

The leaflets also carried slogans urging Chinese to “return to China” and calling for the long life of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. Following this, police and public security officials have begun investigations and are searching for the persons responsible for the leaflets.

Places searched include houses and hotels in downtown Kardze and a village located near the pass.Vehicles traveling past the site of the incident have also been stopped and searched.

Before the leaflets were discovered, local Tibetans had observed a group of monks in a vehicle near the site, where area residents traditionally burn incense, raise prayer flags, and scatter leaflets containing prayers, the source said.”

2 thoughts on “The Message From Occupied Tibet

  1. The Tibetan people will never stop fighting for their independence. How long can the rest of the world look away and not take action while Tibet burns and China supresses basic human rights. As tensions escalate, change will come to Tibet.

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