Tortured Tibetans Suffer China’s Illegal ‘Justice’

Two young Tibetan monks have become the latest to feel the full force of the Chinese “justice” system.One of them, Tenzin Thinley, 22, cannot speak or eat properly after being tortured because he failed to satisfactorily answer police questions. He was the roommate of Lobsang Gendun, who was detained by Chinese security forces on July 1 this year after calling for Tibet’s freedom and the long life of the Dalai Lama during the Chinese Communist Party’s 92nd anniversary celebrations.After a three-day interrogation Tenzin Thinley was returned to his family in Pashoe County, who took him to hospital.

Torture in Tibet

He has been told to report to the PSB (Public Security Bureau) station every day, although a family member can do so instead if Tenzin Thinley cannot. Lobsang Gendun has also reportedly been tortured in detention. His family and friends do not know where he is, but reports suggest he was taken to hospital by Chinese police and could not walk properly.

Self-Immolation Protest

Meanwhile, 25-year-old monk, Tsultrim Kalsang received a 10-year jail sentence on 12 July 2013 in Amdo Region of Occupied Tibet for ‘intentional homicide’.

Spiked Baton-A Favored Instrument Of Torture By China's Paramilitary
Spiked Baton-A Favored Instrument Of Torture By China’s Paramilitary

This charge is frequently used by the Chinese authorities to crackdown on self-immolation protests and critics of Chinese policy in Tibet. It is not known why Tsultrim Kalsang received this charge, although it is possibly linked to the double self-immolation on 30 June 2012 of Ngawang Norphel and Tenzin Khedup, whose bodies were taken to Tsultrim Kalsang’s Zilkar Monastery.

Chinese Raid On Monastery

On September 1 2012, 60 vehicles of Chinese armed police raided the monastery, detaining five monks, including Tsultrim Kalsang, and confiscating computers and CDs. He returned to the monastery a month later because of failing health, but he was interrogated twice more and detained for four more months. Trultrim Kalsang was tortured in detention and severely injured, resulting in him being hospitalized.

Previous Arrest

Electric Baton So Commonly Used To Torture Tibetans
Electric Baton So Commonly Used To Torture Tibetans

He was also arrested on 8 February 2012, after participating in the global solidarity prayers for Tibetan freedom.
Of his colleagues who were also detained on September 1, Lobsang Jinpa, 31, received a five-year sentence for writing song lyrics for Lolo, the singer who was sentenced to six years earlier this year. Sonam Sherab, 41, and Sonam Yignyen, 45, were sent to a Re-education Through Labour camp for two years. Tsultrim Kalsang was once one of the brightest students at Lhasa’s Sera monastic university, until he was forced to return to his home town after participating in 2008’s mass protests.

Source: Leaving Fear Behind

Editor’s Note

We just received an email from our friends running @tibettruth that an English group called through a Twitter  account run by their website administrator has been tweeting falsehoods about where we derived the information above, suggesting it was taken from their website. This is a fact-free assertion and an effort to smear the tremendous work of all who  volunteer to help Tibet’s cause  within our network. It is particularly hypocritical to note such baseless critique from a group which itself has so many questions to answer about how it uses its funding, staff salaries, use of and presentation of photographs. The troubling issues which seem to shadow their organization, including posting donation and membership requests next to cases of Tibetan self-immolations and more has been featured on our site previously. Indeed two former staff of Free Tibet issued highly damning exposures on the group, which we ran here. Perhaps then this latest effort is an ego-driven and spiteful reaction to the revelations made public by  Ms Adele Wilde-Blavatsky & Mr. Sean Jones. Whatever the case one clear fact remains, that the source of the post above was drawn from a Facebook account called ‘Leaving Fear Behind’ which on Saturday July 28 posted an item which we reproduced and credited above. Here is the original as saved:



threeWe respect and so appreciate the intelligence of our friends, supporters and readers to reach their own conclusions on this matter. Thanks for your patience and understanding in reading this 🙂 Meanwhile to the handful of generously paid staff at Free Tibet rest assured that if ever we did choose to feature written material from your site then due credit would be happily posted, unfortunately given your refusal to support Tibet’s struggle for independence, along with the callous indifference of your group to the forced sterilization of Tibetan women the prospect of such is pretty unlikely!

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7 thoughts on “Tortured Tibetans Suffer China’s Illegal ‘Justice’”

  1. Inhumane! The punishments do not fit the ‘crimes’. How can the perpetrators live with themselves and sleep at night??? When will the Tibetans get real honest justice and freedom?

  2. Dear brothers and sisters,
    I want to bring the attention of the concerned in Tibet Truth,
    The Standard, HK news has reported on
    China Labour Watch report on Apple factory hiring regulations in China.

    Apple factory won´t hire Tibetans, Uighurs (china)

    Pls inform all the Tibetans and uighurs all over the world. Thanks

  3. POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK! I feel like crying and laughing at the same time about allegations levelled by the English group called freetibet against tibettruth. I myself have seen freetibet stealing information from other Tibetan sources particularly International Campaign for Tibet and Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy. The most blatant one being the English translation of nun Sangay Dolma’s last note which was published in a British tabloid under freetibet’s name. Student’s for a Free Tibet had the grace to credit TCHRD for this translation:
    I think everyone should get this fact straight: freetibet is a “breaking news” service for the mainstream media. “Breaking news” by its very nature is vulnerable to factual errors. freetibet is not a research organization or a source that you can rely on with confidence. But we should credit freetibet for the things they do best, and that is, raising funds and selling slippers with images of Tibetan flags. It is also very good at running campaigns along the lines of PETA. Remember naked white people running all over London calling for ‘free Tibet’. But to each his own. Your taste defines your worth.

    1. Choekyi, Thank you for taking the time to share your insightful comments. We have heard reports of a similarly worrying nature from other Tibetans and have featured exposures on the questions surrounding that organization from Ms Adele Wilde-Blavatsky and Mr Sean Jones, both formerly working at ‘Free Tibet’ who published stinging critiques.

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