Why Is Cambridge Professor Silent On China’s Human Rights Abusers?

No Reply Yet From Professor Martin Daunton
No Reply Yet From Professor Martin Daunton

On July 30 we sent an email to the offices of Professor Martin Daunton for whatever reason we have not been graced with the courtesy of a reply on what is an issue of great concern to anyone supportive of human rights and freedom from oppression and censorship. We hope that the Master Of Trinity Hall University Of Cambridge will address the questions and issues involved, meanwhile in order to inform our readers and supporters reproduced below is the communication, which has either failed to arrive or is being ignored. We shall of course be very happy to extend to Martin Daunton a right of reply here to make clear his position and that of his College.

July 30, 2013

Urgent Attention Of:

Professor Martin Daunton
Master Of Trinity Hall
University Of Cambridge

Dear Sir,

We are writing to your office following the widespread concern expressed among our subscribers, followers and friends around the world, who are extremely concerned that your globally respected institution has been linked via media reports to a seminar, reportedly involving the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics (CBPSE), which includes a delegation from communist China’s Ministry Of Public Security. The extent of engagement from CBPSE seems rather cloudy, yet prominent newspapers in the United Kingdom are far clearer and assert the organization has a prominent role in organizing the event. Whatever the detail as you may be aware this has resulted in some controversy, given the documented record of human rights violations associated with China’s regime and in particular it’s security forces.

Naturally this issue has attracted international attention, media reportage and more importantly a sense of disappointment and outrage from people who value the principles of democracy and political, cultural and civil freedoms.

Understandably many are shocked and baffled why Trinity Hall has been associated with an Chinese government agency that specializes in oppression and inflicts a range of harrowing abuse against the people of China and also wages a vicious and sustained assault upon the culture and people of Tibet and other occupied lands such as East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia.

It is a matter of record that China’s Ministry of Public Security is responsible for a disturbing catalog of abuse, including arbitrary arrests, killings, systemic torture, forced-labor, censorship of the media and internet. Credible human rights organization such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Society For Human Rights have a wealth of highly detailed documentation that reveals the staggering extent of violence and suppression enforced by China’s security services. Given that reality it is extremely difficult to find reason or justification for your University’s accommodation of a Seminar, that endorses, by virtue of the invitation alone, a delegation which is so central to the atrocities suffered by those under the totalitarian control of China’s regime.

Anyone involved in dissent or expressing a demand for freedom or human rights soon receives the attention of China’s Ministry of Public Security and find themselves facing torture, or years of despair and physical abuse in a ‘Re-Education Through Labor’ camp. Disappeared into one of many ‘black prisons’  (outside the public face of the judicial system) political prisoners and prisoners of conscience are brutally denied even the cosmetic and pitiful rights afforded by China’s formal laws. They are the ‘property’ of the Chinese State. How many die as a result of illegal executions? We must also consider those who are effectively killed by the grim excesses of forced labor and the most appalling conditions, more bodies ripe for profit. Perhaps the most chilling source of human organs derives from what is an horrific industrialized process, in which a prisoner is injected with poison. Often the body is butchered prior to death being clinically announced and verified, the victim paralyzed and drugged, the emphasis is on securing the organs as fresh as possible, harvested for sale, on what is a lucrative market, domestically and overseas.

This litany of horror would not be possible without the authority, engagement, support and funding of China’s Ministry Of Public Security, we hope therefore you may understand the genuine dismay of many of our international friends and subscribers, who are perplexed about  reports that Trinity Hall University Of Cambridge will host on its site those directly responsible for the violent denial of basic human freedoms. While we recognize that the Seminar in question is not organized by  the University we trust you may understand the mere association of your college with China’s blood-soaked enforcers naturally invites the concerns of any who value human rights.

Whatever the fine print that identifies the exact role of the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics with respect to the Seminar and delegation from China’s Ministry Of Public Security we sincerely hope that your office, mindful of the disturbing issues involved, and aware of growing international unease, may issue a statement making clear its position.

It would be extremely helpful if you could clarify the following: Will you respond to the assertion featured in both The Times and The Independent (Sunday July 28, 2013) that Trinity Hall Is the venue for this Seminar? Will you confirm that the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics will be using your site to host the aforementioned Seminar?


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