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Ethics Triumphs Over Appeasement of China’s Security Goons

Thank you to all of our many friends and supporters who raised their voice in opposition to the planned seminar at Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge which was to host a delegation from China’s Ministry Of Public Security See HERE The event attracted widespread concern and was rightly condemned for what would have been an endorsement of a Chinese government agency engaged in violent oppression, torture and censorship, particular outrage followed reports that academics had been been told questions on human rights were not to be raised.

We are most grateful to the following for their active support and encouragement, Professor Anthony Glees, Professor S. Prakash Sethi, journalists Michael Sheridan and Johnny Paige and our amazing friends over on Twitter who joined our online action to expose and challenge what would have been a shameful betrayal of human rights values.

Questions of course remain, most notably for Professor Martin Daunton of Trinity Hall, Doctor Rosamund Thomas of the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics and those academics who appear to have preferred silence and appeasement rather than expressing condemnation of the disturbing record of China’s security Ministry.

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