Save An Innocent Tibetan From Execution

Dolma Kyab An Innocent Man Facing Execution?
Dolma Kyab An Innocent Man Facing Execution?


China’s record on human rights, the incessant propaganda, allied with its totalitarian grip over the media and psychotic suppression of  free speech is of such a nature and magnitude that only those with a political or financial investment in that country are sufficiently deluded and or corrupted enough to invest any credibility into official pronouncements from the Chinese Regime. Least of all on the subject of Tibet!

The disinformation machine otherwise known as China’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and its mouthpiece the Xinhua News (sic) Agency is constantly feeding mainstream media with distortions and outright falsehoods on Tibet, which shamefully are swallowed without question by foreign correspondents who attend the daily briefings at the MOFA.

Last week Xinhua released a report that asserted a Tibetan man had been found guilty of murdering his wife and trying to conceal his actions by setting fire to the woman’s body and claiming she had died as a result of self-immolation. The story was picked up by western media and no doubt to the delight of the Chinese authorities was splashed across the Internet, where people with perhaps no meaningful knowledge of Tibet and its struggle consumed as fact what in truth exiled Tibetans reject as a politically motivated case; part of an orchestrated crackdown on self-immolations.

We shall not repeat here the allegations that posed as evidence in what looks to have been yet another show trial designed to inflict not justice but impose the authority of the Chinese regime against a form of protest which China is desperately trying to stamp out. The death sentence handed out to Mr. Dolma Kyab, aged 32 has little to do with fair legal process but was used as a deterrent.

Meanwhile the claims made at the ‘trial’ have been seriously exposed as questionable when exile Tibetan journal Phayul revealed that Dolma Kyab’s wife, Ms.Kunchok Wangmo died following her self-immolation on March 13, 2013!  According to the Phayul report “Following her self-immolation protest, the local Chinese authorities arrested Wangmo’s husband Dolma Kyab after he refused to comply with their orders to declare internal family feuds as the reason for her self-immolation” : SOURCE

Is China’s regime presenting a true and accurate account, or are we witnessing a cynical political move where an innocent man faces execution, sacrificed to further the dark propaganda of the Chinese authorities which is desperate to eradicate any voice of dissent against its illegal and violent occupation of Tibet? One thing for sure justice and due process have not afforded a proper or fair examination of the allegations made against this Tibetan, whose statement must be understood against the reality that torture and abuse are endemic and form a central part of securing so-called confessions.

We are asking our subscribers and friends to oppose this immense injustice by contacting the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Mr. Mr. Remigiusz Henczel to express your concerns that an innocent man faces execution, has been denied a fair trial and that serious questions surround the allegation of murder, as his wife was reported as losing her life following her self-immolation. Please address your response via

While some choose to compose a personal communication others may prefer to email the following:

Urgent Attention of:

Mr. Mr. Remigiusz Henczel
United Nations Human Rights Council

Dear Sir

I am deeply concerned to hear that the Chinese authorities have issued a death sentence upon a Tibetan, Mr Dolma Kyab, his apparent crime was murdering his wife. This charge seems to be based not upon any independent evidence nor eyewitness accounts but derived from a ‘confession’ seemingly made by Mr Kyab following his arrest. As is well known, and supported by a wealth of documentation from respected human rights organizations China has a disturbing record with regard to the torture and abuse of Tibetans and as such any admission of guilt has to be considered with critical examination. Moreover I am equally troubled that the trial itself was more political theater than a court of due process that allowed for genuine justice, nor do I imagine that Mr Kyab was extended the legal protection and rights as reflected in a number of United Nations statutes. Finally I must draw to your attention a report which published by a highly respected and professional Tibetan publication which reported that the wife of Mr Kyab had died as a result of self-immolation in protest of China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. There are clearly serious issues in this case and the probability that a serious injustice has occurred, driven by a political agenda with the result that an innocent man now faces execution. In light of these grim circumstances I would appeal to your office to take urgent action to appeal to the Chinese Authorities to  issue a stay of execution and request a review of this case.


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27 thoughts on “Save An Innocent Tibetan From Execution”

  1. This is a complete bully because they are forcing Dolma Kyab to accept the crime that he had not commit at all..

  2. La Cina paese di millenarie culture ed espressione di “popoli” dalle diverse tradizioni, dopo essere stata attraversata dalla “rivoluzione culturale” (processo di globalizzazione della Cina), oggi in pieno progresso economico,nel contesto mondiale della globalizzazione, ha l’obbligo di conformarsi con le migliori democrazie. Pertanto ha il dovere e NOI assieme al popolo CINESE abbiamo il dovere di salvare la vita di quest’uomo, di rispettarla e di garantirgli la possibilità di “pena e recupero” della propria esistenza. La pena di morte è INTOLLERABILE, così come è intollerabile l’irresponsabilità del governo delle Nazioni che non si preoccupano della qualità della vita dei loro cittadini. Il cuore e le parole, speriamo, almeno in questi “casi” siano capaci di raccogliere il “sentire” di altre società ed individui liberi.Le diplomazie dimostrino “Saggezza”.

  3. I have just sent an urgent email to Mr Henczel, UN President about this. Following on from so many self-immolations in the last eight months and alongside the many documented cases of China torturing Tibetans, it is a highly dubious conviction. I hope the UN listens and acts before another likely injustice takes place. Thank you Tibet Truth, as always, for fearlessly reporting on what is happening inside Tibet.

    1. Konstanze, thanks for your active solidarity, we are sure that Dolma and his family would be deeply touched to know that people around the world are supporting him.

    1. Thanks Tsering for your comments, please do email to the UN your opposition on the execution of Dolma Kyab, details are on the bottom of the article

  4. Free Tibetans from the heartless, tyrannical grip China has upon her, the parents of Chinas leaders must be mortified at their childrens sadist politics. I sincerely wouldn’t like to be them when they die….. Free Tibet x

  5. The Tyranny of China, it’s ridiculous self-consciousness regarding International criticism, and grandstanding is known to the Whole World. No ammount of econimic supremecy will ever change the fact that the Chinese Government act like sub human ANIMALS and are apostates to their own Cultural heritage and Values of Civilisation.

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