Time For Exiled Tibetan Administration To Get Radical


Recent discussions within the exiled Tibetan Parliament, a rubber stamp of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) suggest that efforts to undermine and marginalize those who advocate Tibet’s rightful independence are taking a darker turn. Seems that our abilities at divination were pretty accurate regarding future overtures by the CTA to appease the Chinese authorities as part of a desperate drive to convince them that it is sincere in not seeking an independent Tibetan nation. There remains though an increasingly painful irritant and distraction which the CTA sees as undermining the quest for so-called autonomy under Chinese rule, a determined, organized and articulate campaign, spearheaded by the Tibetan Youth Congress, that champions the cause of Tibet’s independence.

So while the political establishment in Dharamsala (exiled home of the Tibetan Administration) invests considerable energy in posturing and affirming democratic values a more odious undercurrent seems to be let loose among the Tibetan Community, which has an objective the vilification and erosion of that dissenting voice which declares support for an independent Tibet. It is a form of Inquisition, where decent people, who may hold ideas not conforming to the ideology of the ruling elite are to be demonized, in the hope of neutralizing their influence and impact. Such a move would also be used as a demonstration to assure China of the sincerity of the CTA in not promoting independence for Tibet.

To realize this requires the creation of ‘another’ a figure that can be artificially set apart from a claimed and asserted mainstream upon which can be projected any form of prejudice, untruth and contempt. The most efficacious way of realizing that in Tibetan society would be to link, through various degrees of subtlety the target individual or group with a charge that their words, actions or values are either undermining or more directly opposing the position of the Dalai Lama. Now of course the Kashag (exiled Tibetan  cabinet) goes to great length to issue declarations that call for tolerance and understanding towards divergent views, however behind that facade it must be surely aware that poison has been added to the well? Why else are we beginning to see the term ‘radicals’ used to describe those who support an independent Tibet?

Well for the benefit of exiled Tibetan ‘Leader’ Doctor Lobsang Sangay and his CTA colleagues let’s offer a couple of ideas on this. What’s in truth ‘radical’ is the minority voice of an elite cabal, enjoying the comforts of a privileged life in exile, dictating to the majority Tibetans in Tibet, a policy and laughingly claimed ‘solution’ that accepts Chinese rule! Moreover here’s another example of radicalism which you should consider, how about the Exiled Tibetan Administration taking the radical step of getting line with the common political aspirations of its people in occupied Tibet by ending the appeasement of China and actively working for Tibet’s independence!

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