Asking The Mayor Of Alameda Not To Fly China’s Flag

Mayor Marie Gilmore
Mayor Marie Gilmore

Urgent Attention Of:
Ms.Marie Gilmore
Mayor, Alameda

Dear Ms Gilmore,

We are contacting your office in response to the widespread concern expressed by our  international subscribers, followers and friends, who are deeply concerned by a report that your City Council has suggested raising on October 1 the flag of the People’s Republic of China. An action which honors communist China’s regime

Naturally people are very disappointed why this has been suggested  and are asking why a City Council representing a community that values democratic freedoms and principles of justice and human rights would display a national emblem that represents tyranny, oppression, censorship and human rights violations of a harrowing magnitude.  As you may imagine this issue is generating considerable attention, media reportage and a genuine sense of unease from within your community and beyond. In light of the scale and nature of the reaction we are seeing and being committed to informing our state, national and global audience, we have published this as an open communication. Note also that as a courtesy we have made copies of this appeal to your fellow Council members.

The central question we are being asked via emails and discussions on Twitter is why the good City of Alameda would seek to associate its community and name with a regime notorious for its oppression and inflicting a range of human rights violations upon the people of China and waging a genocidal assault upon the culture and people of Tibet and other occupied lands such as East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia.

No doubt the proposal was reached via formal procedure of the City Council, unfortunately democratic process in itself does not always serve a just result and this case is one such example. May we for example ask if you genuinely are satisfied that your community has been granted full, informed and due notice on the issue?  Have they been invited to make presentations and been furnished with information detailing the serious ethical questions involved with endorsing a regime such as China’s? If not then we would hope you may agree that any participation in a decision making debate would have been disadvantaged, with community members unable to reach an informed or balanced position.

It is often the case that the Mayoral office retains an option of suspension on subsequent actions arising from such a vote,  we therefore urgently appeal that such a postponement is applied to you to allow the community of Alameda the important opportunity to be better informed and resourced. This would then facilitate a  more just and educated participation in further discussions on the proposal. It may have come to your attention that the Mayor of San Leandro recently took such a decision and was rightly applauded by his fellow townsfolk and indeed received support from around the world.

We would suppose that those who advocate flying China’s flag at City Hall argue it to be an apolitical action (rather like suggesting that wetness is nothing to do with water) but an event to respect and promote China’s culture and acknowledging the contributions of Chinese Americans in your community. Others may suggest that such an action would assist in promoting commercial links with Chinese business. Is it not possible to and within reason to realize such an objective, without however the odious political overtones which China’s national flag represents?

Such a question we hope you may agree deserves to be at the heart of any informed discussion on this matter, yet we wonder if either the local community and or the Council itself has had the opportunity to fully explore possible options, or indeed allowed the voice of Alameda  to reach a more consensual and informed decision.    That could only be possible if your office issues a postponement relating to any further action on the proposal. It is our sincere hope  that you may implement a suspension to address the reasonable points we raise.
Thank you for your patience in considering this appeal and for your commitment to democratic freedom and human rights.

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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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11 thoughts on “Asking The Mayor Of Alameda Not To Fly China’s Flag”

  1. I implore you to NOT FLY Communist China’s flag until–UNLESS–China agrees to return Tibet to its rightful stewards, the beautiful, peaceful, compassionate TIBETAN PEOPLE, that the TIBETAN people will once again enjoy FREEDOM, as they had for hundreds and hundreds of years, before China went in and took TIBET by force, ultimately in 1959, then slowly decimated the beautiful, wondrous TIBETAN people, their very culture…PLEASE DO NOT FLY THE COMMUNIST CHINESE FLAG UNTIL IT NO LONGER DRIPS BLOOD RED, the blood of the defenseless TIBETANS!!!

  2. Under the command of this five starred bloody red flag ; tens,hundreds, thousands and millions of innocent lives have been lost.Under this flag prisoners of conscience have untimely lost their lives to human organ harvest . Under this flag genocide happened , under this flag human rights is denied to millions of Tibetans and others, under this flag Tibetan culture, religion, monuments , arts and literature have been destroyed .Under this flag natural environment is threatened,The list could go on endless.
    Therefore Mayor Marie Gilmore , I too implore that ; you do not honor this blood thirsty Chinese flag by fling it over the City Council building on US soil and insult ourselves as Americans. It would be shameful and dishonor to our forefathers who did every thing to create a great name and respect for this Great Nation of United States of America. Please remember 120 self-immolated in Tibet not withstanding the pains and sufferings caused under the commands of this flag.Please do not stain your hands with Tibetan blood that’s on this flag !

  3. Dear mayor Ms.Marie Gilmore,

    please do not consider having the Chinese flag flying in your town an apolitical action. As I read, you are in good faith wanting to do it.

    Yet, no one but who was or lives in Tibet knows what the Chinese occupiers are doing to that population, otherwise it is just impossible to imagine it. Even not considering what the Nation of Tibet means for the whole humanity, I believe China cannot be China can not be worthy to see its flag in your city. The many Tibetans in exile would suffer too much.

    With cordiality,
    Dr. Paolo Merolla

      1. No, I’m seeing there’s the address. Thanks a lot! I will correct the letter in a better English and I will send it. Thanks a lot!!

  4. The last thing we want to happen is to send to the world the wrong message. Allowing the flag of china to fly over American soil is like saying we agree to what china is doing in Tibet, Southern Mongolia, Eastern Turkestan, South China Sea, and many more. Considering this, some of us are beginning to wonder what do the officials of Almeda hope to achieve by raising the flag of China? Someone please enlighten me.

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