Flying Tibet’s Flag At Alameda Rally October 1

6 thoughts on “Flying Tibet’s Flag At Alameda Rally October 1

  1. someone please let us know the names of the government officials in almeda who supported the flag raising of china?

    1. More importantly kindly share with us any official statement from the Mayor of Alameda or City Hall Council making clear their opposition to honoring China’s regime, which flying the flag of China on October 1 clearly does. As one of our colleagues over on Twitter correctly asked “If Alameda’s City Authorities Are Not Hosting Directly The Honoring Of A Serial Abuser But Refuses To Condemn A City Event That Is Can We Say Their Silence Is Neither An Endorsement Or A Form Of Complicity?

    2. Sitting Councilmember Stewart Chen, who initiated the sister city relationships back in 2005, when he was on the Social Services and Human Relations Board

      Michael Robles-Wong, who currently sits on the City of Alameda Social Services and Human Relations Board, and was appointed as City of Alameda representative to the Alameda Sister City Association

      Former City of Alameda Councilmember Frank Matarrese, now the president of the Alameda Sister City Association

      City Manager John Russo, Mayor Marie Gilmore, and other councilmembers were basically complicit in allowing the event to go on, and denying association with the event

      1. notchina, thanks for your information, naturally this Blog extends to those named the opportunity to clarify, confirm or deny their reported complicity with and endorsement of honoring China’s regime through raising in Alameda the Chinese flag on the commemoration of the founding of Communist China.

    1. As we had stated the fingerprints of City Hall were all over this event, that was kinda confirmed by the complete silence and unwillingness or inability of Mayor Gilmore to address the questions placed before her. Meanwhile as we revealed on the very day a City official was tasked to issue a public denial of any association with the event the same authorities were appointing a representative to serve on the Wuxi Sister City Association!

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